Facebook Location Updater Facebook Location Updater v1.5.1

Use this Android app to post update on Facebook. The name and Google Maps link of your current location will be attached automatically. Supports auto-update with default message at user-defined frequency. Supports photo attachment with geo-tag at photo caption.


Thai Flood Map Thai Flood Map v1.3.3

Browse Google Crisis Map for flood area
Search any location
Click Layers Button to view satellite image, parking areas, shelters etc.
Capture Map Image and share i.e. Facebook etc.
Use GPS to detect current position in map

** :( Hope this crisis will pass ASAP and no longer need this app (T_T')**


Tiny Tiny RSS Tiny Tiny RSS v1.5

RSS feed reader synchronized with all your android devices and PC.


Missed Call Messenger Lite Missed Call Messenger Lite v1.3.6

Similar to Google Voice, this app will send you a message if you miss a phone call. This is very helpful when you are not near your phone and miss a phone call.


SHAREit SHAREit v2.7.98_ww

Transfer files in seconds even without network connection.


TwitMyPlace TwitMyPlace v0.8.0

Share your location with your friends on Twitter


Speech Alert Trial Speech Alert Trial v7.3

Ever wanted to hear Caller ID or SMS msg on top of ringtones when your hands are full?

SMS / Caller ID Speech Alert is ultimate voice notify app for all Android! Supports Google Voice & Handcent!

GV Support
Custom Msg over Ringtone
Press power btn to silent calls on some Android

Trial for 48 Hours


Map Explorer Map Explorer v1.0.5

A prototype that tries to improve map browsing experience based on Google Maps.


Picasa Photo Picasa Photo v7.0

Welcome to Picasa Photo
This program is to view your photos from your picasa account, you have to login your google account, and grant the permission for the application to access your account data.


ARY Digital ARY Digital v1

Watch ARY DIGITAL on your android device and google TV

This Application is free and supported by push notifictions and home icons shortcuts ads


Andscape Andscape v1.6.9

a twitter client,supports twitter,digu,zuosa,tongxue,9911.follow5,sina,sohu,buzz,zhongjin,google reader,facebook,douban,bula.


Efficiency Tracker Efficiency Tracker v1.0

Efficiency tracker is the simple application to manage your daily work productivity.

Application uses Google Chart Tool to generate charts, so Internet connection is required.


oneSearch oneSearch v7.0

all in one, one stop shop search, using popular search engines Google Bing Yahoo
oneSearch allows all-in-one search using the most popular search engines available today. This is a one stop shop search solution, an all-in one interface. Enter your search once and view the results using:
Easy touch screen app for entering search once and using all the search engines to view your search results. Filter your results to view images, news, videos etc.


OpenSearch OpenSearch v0.9.10

Shows a search box like the preinstalled Google Search, allowing you to add custom search providers as in Firefox. Supports search suggestions (even if engine doesn't supply them)!

* Desktop Shortcuts for specific search engines
* Wikipedia & Market Search preinstalled

Press MENU->Add Provider to download more engines.


gTasks gTasks v0.3.6s

First offline Tasks application that syncs with Google Tasks.


Speech Alert Trial Speech Alert Trial v7.1

This version is for firmware 1.6!

Ever wanted to hear Caller ID or SMS messages on top of ringtones when your hands are full?

SMS / Caller ID Speech Alert is the ultimate voice notification app for G1 MyTouch Hero Eris! Supports Google Voice & Handcent!

For G1 MyTouch Hero Eris
Handcent Compatible
Custom Msgs over Ringtone
Bluetooth Mode
Trial for 48 Hour


Technology News Technology News v1.0

Stay tuned to latest technology news.
Lets tech think and share the spirit..


JustReader JustReader v1.0.10

Read your favorite feeds anywhere you want!


PicGo PicGo v3.4

Version 3.4
1. Optimize the searching speed
2. Enlarge the screen to view more image
3. Fix bugs

Version 2.2

1. Support Google Image Search
2. Support Yahoo Image Search

Version 1.4
1. Re-design the UI, make it more simple and beautiful
2. Reduce the time of searching, make it more faster
3. Enhance the capability of searching, can search more keywords
4. More hints when you playing of it
5. Can save all the photos at the same time


Close to You Close to You v1.0

Close To You, lets you find points of interest in your area.