UNIX - In My Pocket UNIX - In My Pocket v1.0

Google Play Link to Download:

“All Unix related Data at one place”
“First Application on Google Play with all Unix Algorithms included with
“User Friendly and with Text-to-Speech Facility on each page.......”


Satski Lite Satski Lite v2.2

The #1 ski/snowboard app. Real time ski navigation on 3D trail/piste maps. Imagine seeing your live GPS position, tracking & stats (speed, dist, alt).


GNow HandleBars GNow HandleBars v1.2

Introducing the first application that can download, install or remove Google Now and restore Google Search to your phone without the need of flashing zips or manually adding and manipulating the files.


ICS 4.0 Launcher ICS 4.0 Launcher v1.4.0.0

Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher is a home replacement designed to give you the look and feel of the newest Android update by Google, Android 4.0


Paperdroid Paperdroid v1.1.4

Paperdroid is an offline article reading Android app that integrates with the excellent service Read It Later and/or Google Reader.
Found an interesting but long article while surfing in a costly internet point? Skimming hastily through your feeds for worthy posts? Just save the page to Read It Later (via bookmarklet, the Firefox extension etc.) or star it in Google Reader and have Paperdroid automatically download it to your trusty Android phone for offline reading pleasure - later.


CloudAmpz FREE CloudAmpz FREE v1.8.3

Stream your favorite music from cloud storage to your mobile or chromecast device.


Spoon Feed Spoon Feed vSpoon Feed 1.1.3

Have your Google Reader feeds read to you aloud. Will read COMPLETE articles when possible, not just summaries.


Ninja Search Ninja Search v1.0

Ultimate Google searching tool for news, files, directories and faces!


Stocks Stocks v1.6.4

Real time stock quotes from Google Finance


gReader gReader v2.8.8

gReader is an unofficial Google Reader client for Android. Read all your rss/feed news in one place with Google Reader, where keeping up with your favorite websites is as easy as checking your email.

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ReaderScope ReaderScope v2.0.13

Google Reader client for Android


Seo tools Seo tools v1.3.0

Google page rank, keyword position tracker, keyword research, serp tracking.


4cats 4cats v1.4

Simple timing game !

- Google Readerboard Support
- Simple but Addictive gameplay
- Clear and nice graphic


Perfect AppLock - FREE Perfect AppLock - FREE v5.2

"Perfect AppLock! - FREE"
Relible security measurement for your phone apps!


Hao123 Hao123 v2.0.0

Hao123 is a web navigator app that was customized to satisfy your needs of instant internet surfing, we offer popular websites/services (e.g., music / videos / news) for your phone by just one click!


CM Locker CM Locker v4.1.2

Secure your privacy by screenlock and applock. Snaps pictures of intruders. Highest rated Screen Lock on Google Play! ★★★★★


Alloteou Alloteou vbeta-4

Alloteou allows to organize meetings


Executive Assistant FREE Executive Assistant FREE v1.9.0

Preview: email, SMS (+popup & reply +Google Voice), missed calls, agenda, tasks (Astrid, GTasks, ToDo), Reader, Facebook, Twitter.

Using: Lock/Welcome Screen or Home Screen Widget. Custom color & transparency.

Launch apps, return missed calls, voicemail (dial, GV, VisualVM).

NEW:Supports GTasks by Dato!

Free v0.5.1301658217

Hayatinizi kolaylastiracak alet edevat tanitimlari.


jCal FREE jCal FREE v1.0

Limitations of the free version:

  • Cannot add/remove events
  • No updates from now on

jCal: the beautiful and practical Android calendar. Aside from the elegant design, this app integrates seamlessly with the Google accounts you have set up on your phone, and syncs with Google Calendar. The add event slider really stands out with the ability to add an event faster than any other calendar.