Daily Lesson Planner Daily Lesson Planner v1.05

Daily Lesson Planner allows instructors to record their upcoming daily lesson plans or keep track of class notes based on the current day activities. Having this information on the phone allows instant updating and reviewing during class.
Please email the developer at for any suggestions or comments. I am very open to improving the app and meeting the needs of the users.


Name Learner Pro Name Learner Pro v1.00

Are you an educator or in a position where you need to learn many new names and faces in a short period of time? If so, this app is essential for you. With your device you can take pictures of the people you need to know, or you can load pictures from your device's gallery.

Current Features
-up to 100 names per group
-up to 6 terms per year and 10 classes per term (for teachers), which means up to 60 different groups supported


Engineering Electrical Engineering Electrical v1

Study Mate - Merchant Mariners
Need help studying for Merchant Mariners "Engineers Exam"?
Android to the Rescue!!
Study Mate is a fantastic app that has over 1000 multiple choice questions that are given on the actual test as given by the USCG.


Rules Of The Road Rules Of The Road v1

Merchant Mariners "Rules Of The Road" -Study Mate.
Over 1000 multiple choice questions with visual diagrams that are given on the actual test as given by the USCG.


Introduction to Logic & Reasoning Introduction to Logic & Reasoning v1.0

This application is specially designed for those students who are preparing for exams. This Introduction to logic and reasoning application will proved you many questions with answer and brief description. This application avoids wastage of time and helps quick view of Test papers.


Kids Matching Spelling Kids Matching Spelling v4.0.0

Application to teach children basic concepts such as letters, numbers and words.


Trigonometry App Trigonometry App v1.2

For all maths students irrespective of whether you are maths lovers, maths haters you have to have this app in your mobile.
There are plenty of trigonometry formulas and sometimes it becomes very difficult to learn them all.
Don't worry, we are here to help you out.
This app gives many formulas on the trigonometry, if you think any more formula should be included in the app, do mail us at


Android Guys Pro Android Guys Pro v1.2.1

Android Guys PRO application brings you news from the Android Guys website as well as their weekly podcasts and lots of other goodies! Free of ads and includes homescreen widgets.


Math Fun Math Fun v1.0

Do you like to drill math? This app makes up addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. Think of the answer, and when you believe you know what it is, click the show answer button to see if you were right!


Cats! Cats! v1.1

Addictive Cats Recognition Game and Cat Breed reference handbook in a handy app!


Compounds Compounds v1.1

Put together elements and discover more about chemical compounds! Synthesize the right combination of elements from the periodic table and receive information about the compound you created.
Useful as a chemistry study tool or for fun, this app aims to inform while providing an entertaining and puzzling experience of discovering new compounds.


Creative Kids Paint Pro Creative Kids Paint Pro v1.6.0

***Creative Kids Paint - Creative on each fingers!***
✓ It is easy for the children to make their choice among 100 available wallpapers
✓ Thanks to having an adequate colour system
✓ Superior to other products, Creative Kids Paint supportschildren to add icons to the picture
✓ Last but not least, a special feature of this product is background music
✓Now, let’s play and have fun!


Learning Words for Kids Learning Words for Kids v1.0.1

**Learn Words the fun way with cute cartoons of Animals, shapes, and alphabets**


Glow Draw Glow Draw v1.0

Draw with glowing streaks of lights!


Leeno Tales - Finding Gizmo Leeno Tales - Finding Gizmo v1.0

Leeno Tales - Finding Gizmo is Book One in a series of stories about a lovely girl called Leeno. Come and join us on her first adventure! This App promotes learning to read and listen with good clean fun tales to enjoy over and over again.


The Creatures of Harmony Valley and the Musical Alphabet The Creatures of Harmony Valley and the Musical Alphabet v1.1.0

Make learning an easy, fun and musical world for your child with this fully interactive and animated book, packed with wonderful images, creatures and music. Combine literacy, numeracy and musical education with this fun and interactive book.


Creatures Creatures v1.0.1

It's getting near Christmas and the Creatures love nothing more than some music and a party.

Choose your magic color and transform the Creatures for Santa's party in the beautiful north pole and Sing along to the Creatures' music.


Таблица Менделеева+ Таблица Менделеева+ v1.2

This app provides a pictorial representation of the periodic table of the elements.

Click on each of the elements to see details of that element. Click on Показать Категорий to see the listing of the element groups.


Amharic Alphabets Amharic Alphabets v1.0.1

Ethiopia is found in the horn of Africa. And the Language Amharic(presented in this app) is used by considerable amount of Ethiopians including the majority of settlers in the capital city. This simple app teaches:The order of the Alphabets, How Characters look, How the character sounds.


ABC Learner ABC Learner v1.0

This app is great for keeping kids occupied while teaching them something at the same time. It’s colorful and fun, but not too complex, perfect for a small child who is learning the alphabet.