Stocks Stocks v1.6.4

Real time stock quotes from Google Finance


LocationSample LocationSample v

Mobile device security and device management


Meteograms Meteograms v1.3.5.0

Bezprzeglądarkowa aplikacja umożliwiająca dostęp do prognozy pogody z serwisu


Executive Assistant Tasks Add-on Executive Assistant Tasks Add-on v1.11

** Please note: this is not an app and will not open or launch. **
This add-on gives Executive Assistant access to:

+ Astrid Task/Todo List

+ DGT GTD & ToDo List (w/Pure Widget plugin)

+ Google Tasks Organizer (lite & pro)

+ Got To Do

+ GTasks by Dato

+ ToDo Task Manager

+ TouchDown by NitroDesk

IMPORTANT: to use Astrid, Google Tasks Organizer or Got To Do, it must be installed BEFORE installing this add-on.


AntipodalPoint AntipodalPoint v1.2

Have you ever wondered where you would end up if you dug a tunnel straight down from where you were standing? Wonder no more!


Aasaanjobs Aasaanjobs v2.0.9

India’s no. 1 portal for entry level jobs. Now available for download. Service is free of cost!
Search for fresher jobs on the move.
Search for jobs near your location. Apply for and add unlimited jobs to your wishlist. Register and login to schedule an interview. Finding a job is just a touch away.


Mobo Rss Reader Mobo Rss Reader v14.63

Reads all types of RSS feeds (Atom, RSS1.0, 2.0, Feedburner and more)-create your own all in one place personal news channel reader-add and create any content you want on any specific topic/category for free-best of fashion, tech, celebrity news, business, science, health/fitness, sports, world news, entertainment, movies, mobiles, games, dresses & styles, festivals, weird news, TV radio stars, shows, fashion designers, models


Teletext Lite Teletext Lite v2.1.2

Teletext is a ceefax pages viewer.


Barcode Scanner Barcode Scanner v4.2

Barcode Scanner v3.4 (435 kb)
Scan barcodes on CDs, books, and other products, then look up prices and reviews, or search for a word in a book and find where it occurs. You can also scan QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, calendar events, etc.

ZXing Team

* WiFi base station in QR Code
* Bulk scanning mode
* App on SD card for Froyo


2012 Pro Baseball 2012 Pro Baseball v1.0

Up-to-the-minute news and stats for baseball in the major league.

One tap takes you to the "2012 Major League Baseball season" Wikipedia page, the "2012 World Series" Wikipedia page, and the MLB web site (switch via option menu). Get up-to-the-minute news, stats, points, teams, schedule, play-offs, and World Series.

Place it on your Android home to gain one tap access. This app is a must have for all baseball fans.


Financial Overview Financial Overview v1.1

With the help of Financial Overview you will now know at everytime how much money you've got left to spend.


fotodanz fotodanz v1.6.4

Capture your favorite movements in photos that dance!

Create ridiculously cool motion photographs (cinemagraphs) with fotodanz. It's FREE! No need to register either.


Cricket World Cup 2011 Cricket World Cup 2011 v0.8.1

Follow Cricket World Cup 2011’s news, scores and updates live on your mobile!


Joey On The Web Joey On The Web v0.82.13465.61873

Joey reviews web products and services. He also answers your questions on his Blog, Joey On The Web. The app has special mobile exclusive content coming soon.


eSim eSim v0.33.13320.97569

This App associated to website.
Now you can Play e-sim in your Smart phone or tablet where ever you are.
You can have access to e-sim War Info through eSim app !
pluse , damage and company calculator is Available for MU fighters and Company Managers.
We also put a part for e-sim IRC channel that you can directly connect to #e-sim on Rizon Server to ask your questions or get help directly from e-sim Staff


G2Android G2Android v1.6.0

Version 1.6.0, 25th of August 2010 Major release¶

* issue #19 zoom feature, using the standard Android gallery app
* issue #45 Deleted image via browser, crashed g2android.
* issue #46 Upload from inside g2android won't do multiple images
* issue #48 Current album is not pre selected when adding a photo to it
* issue #49 when adding a photo, list of albums should be sorted
* issue #57 Uploading images are automatically given a g2android summary and description


Drudge On Droids Drudge On Droids v3.2.2

Easily read the Drudge Report on your mobile device.
The best and easy to use Drudge Report reader on the Android Market and the only one with a widget and tablet UI.


Vegas Cabbie v.2 Vegas Cabbie v.2 v2

Vegas Cabbie is an app designed to help the Las Vegas Cab Driver. Relevant information on all major hotels, golf courses, shopping malls, rental cars and gentleman's club right at your finger tips. Be able to help passengers out with hotel numbers and info, golf course locations and tee times, and the best shopping malls. The more helpful and professional you are. The bigger and better your TIPS can be.


JellyBean Unit Converter JellyBean Unit Converter v1.1

this is all in 1 converter. it convert various unit of type such as length,mass,volume,speed,temperature,torque,current,tip,density,currency .


AG Italian Newspapers FREE AG Italian Newspapers FREE v6.8 Final

Collection of Italian and world newspapers!