Butterfly Live Wallpaper Butterfly Live Wallpaper v1.0

The live wallpaper, with beautiful particle effect and the light spots give the whole picture an elegant beauty. Many little butterflies are flying around the big golden butterfly.


Dreamy Flower Live Wallpaper Dreamy Flower Live Wallpaper v1.0

In this live wallpaper, with two HD pictures, all are gorgeous flowers. Many golden butterflies are flying among these flowers, with the floating light particles makes the flowers look more beautiful and fantastic.


Shake 'n' Roll Labyrinth Shake 'n' Roll Labyrinth v1.14

Shake 'n' Roll Labyrinth is just Rock 'n' Roll. It is a real 3D maze with a beautyful marble and awesome physics. You need a steady hand for this balance ball game to reach the target - golden star.
You can play in classic mode or in a simple mode with fewer holes.
If you play the pirate mode, you have to find the ghost ball,sink the ship and then catch the star.
If you are in the pixie mode, you can find a butterfly and roll with glitter to the star.