Secrets Secrets v2.3

Share your secrets with the world!


World Cricket News World Cricket News v0.6.1

World Cricket News allows you to keep up-to-date with a variety of cricket news from around the world.

Choose your favorite countries and follow them.

Share articles with friends.


DailyLove DailyLove v1.0.3

1) daily love quote
2) sms love quote
3) different language supports
4) romantic ideas
5) slide on text to see love quote in different languages
6) support to facebook wall post
7) more features upon requirement


Pause Fest Pause Fest v1.0

Program for Pause Fest 2011

Free v0.14

Sveriges största tv-guide med fler än 150 kanaler.


News Droid News Droid v1.5.2

Its all about android, empowering you to get best views, visions, news and opinions about Android.
Support Facebook wall posting.
Over 10.000 resources, update content news daily.
Share to your friend instantly.
Support language translation powered by Google
Long click item gallery image to view detail.


Movie Finder Movie Finder v1.6.3

Movie Finder allows you to quickly search movie and showtime information in the theaters around you.


CaesarSMS CaesarSMS v1.0.4

1. Caesar cipher for SMS
2. slide (with sound) to set the key
3. explore SMS inbox
4. send an encrypted sms to ur friend for fun. They can use this app to decrypt.
5. put your own SMS into a safe vault
6. use your own password to encrypt a SMS and send it
7. use your password to decrypt a received SMS


MobileDudes Blog MobileDudes Blog v1.0.4

MobileDudes Blog is a blog that delivers news about all sites/blogs in the MobileDudes network. MobileDudes is a group of blogs that reports on mobile platforms.


Insult Him Insult Him v1.5

More than 5000 insults and jokes
for all cases and purposes


MMA NewsArena MMA NewsArena v2.0

MMA with one click, save your favs. and be up to date with upcoming MMA events!



Flick Ninja Flick Ninja v1.4.3

Throw shuriken with the flick of your finger!

Welcome to the battle of flying weapons. Fight against crazy opponents, hone your skills in Combo mode, or fight to the death in a Survival battle!


Good Fart Good Fart v3.2

The New Good Fart Button v2.00 have more fun then ever, 2 option to create random farts or choose the fart you like the most to prank your friends and family and co-workers


MorseCoder MorseCoder v1.1.5

This is a fun morse encoder/decoder application. you can convert any text to morse code, hear the morse code, FEEL the morse code and send it to your friends. You can also explore you sms inbox and convert any sms morse code into normal text. It is also possible to use this free application as a morse code trainer.


Daily Haiku Daily Haiku v1.9.0

NEW - Publish your own haikus!

Daily fresh poems, collected from many sources for you. Updated everyday
- Create user profile and publish your own haikus
- Random Haiku Generator will let you generate your own Haikus.
- Share the best Haiku poems with your friends.
- Use widget to see daily haikus on your home screen.

Haiku poets write about everyday things, such as nature, feelings, or experiences.

the wind of Mt. Fuji
I've brought on my fan!
a gift from Edo


India TV Guide India TV Guide v1.3.3

India TV Guide is your one-stop app for listings of all the Indian TV Channels. Find the programmes and schedule info you want to watch.


Gangsta Quotes Gangsta Quotes v1.7.5

You are a big fan of gangsta movies and quotes!? You wanna remember about famous quotes and scenes from Sopranos or Scarface!? You are interested about thoughts of real gangstas like Lucky Luciano, John Gotti or real thugs like Tupac and Biggie!? Well if yes, this is app for you!
-- You like a gangsta quotes, you are gangsta too! G-Quotes!