Color Me Color Me v2.0.4

Color Me is a fun, easy to use Android app that allows you to convert an image to black and white and then add color back to a selected areas while offering a plethora of creative controls.

Features :
+ Unlimited undo option
+ 4 different brushes
+ Pinch zoom(zoom with fingers)
+ Scalable brush size
+ Share your images on Facebook
+ Preview mode
+ Masked and colored view options
+ Landscape and Portrait orientation


iTrackMe iTrackMe v1.0.0

iTrackMe is a Family GPS Tracker that allows parents to track/locate loved ones using their phones. iTrackMe consists of a web portal ( that allows parents to see the location of their kids in real-time on a map and a small mobile application running on the kids' mobile phones. iTrackMe supports notifications and geo-fencing/zoning.


AroundMe World AroundMe World v1.0.12

AroundMe World uses your current location allowing you to find nearest places around you!
It also allows you to browse whole planet and to select custom current search location simple by placing marker on map!!


2me 2me v1.01

The App "2me" ("Ame" in italian) allows you to set one or more default e-mail addresses to send any text element can be shared by other device's applications (web pages, tweets, text notes ...)


Remind me! Remind me! v1.0

Remind me! allows you to create reminders based on a location within selected range.


Sync.ME Sync.ME v2.8.1

Download Sync.ME today and Identify unknown incoming calls, block spam calls and text messages from spammers from all around the world.


FidMe FidMe v2.1.2

All your loyalty cards in your mobile ! FidMe, the mobile wallet for tour loyalty cards ! Innovative and easy to use, FidMe : save your loyalty cards ina few seconds. Scan your card in front of the camera and voila !


Solve.meLite Solve.meLite v1.0.8

Exercise your brain solving simple arithmetic operation at any time, any place!


321 TrackMe 321 TrackMe v1.3

321Track me is a small program that you can install in your Android mobile that allows you to share your position in realtime with somebody, using only an Internet browser.


Buddies & Me Buddies & Me v3.2

uddies & Me provides fun, new way to access to your Facebook account on your Android SmartPhone. This app is really three apps in one, as it provides one tap access to the Facebook desktop site, mobile site, and touch site. You can change the default web site via the menu options.


FindMe FindMe v1.0

This application is designed to send a SOS Emergency rapidly when you need it the most and to keep a contact with your friends to hang out!For this, the application uses new ways of communications like Facebook and Twitter which have already proved their efficacity in helping people in danger and gps to show where your friends are. Have Fun and be SAFE with Find Me !


Medicate Me Light Medicate Me Light v1.2

New Features!! Set your times to be either a weekday or day of the month! Keep forgetting to take your medicine? This app will track medicine usage and alert you when it is time to take your medicine.


Swallow Me Swallow Me v1.0.3

Swallow as many green rectangles as you can, avoid the red rectangles and the black circles. Game speed increases as you move on. Test you skills and discover more game rewards like speed reduction, size reduction and an option to swallow as many boxes as you can within the specified period of time.

This game is addictive, get very high scores and show off to your friends.


Shut Me Up Shut Me Up v1.2

Shut Me Up shut ring-tone of call or SMS from undesirable people
Shut Me Up create black-list if anyone in the black-list calling you or send SMS to you, your mobile acting as in silent mode.
you can select a contact which contain many phone numbers


aReader aReader v1.3

A simple EBook reader that currently only supports the Palm Database format (PDB) right now.


Ring Manager Demo Ring Manager Demo v1.1

Ring Manager help you control volume and vibrate for incoming calls


Fake SMS and Edit SMS Fake SMS and Edit SMS v2.0

This application includes two features that will allow you to make jokes to your friends to invent situations ...

☆ Fake SMS:

Allows you to create any type of fake SMS specifying the date, time, message ...

When get the message it is as if it were a real (Notifications, Messages opens the application on your laptop at a click, vibration, ring ...).

☆ Edit SMS:

Allows you to change an existing SMS.


AParted AParted v3.0.9

AParted allows you to create and repair partitions in your sdcard.


SlideME SlideME v6.36

The SlideME Application Manager (SAM) app provides access to a curated list of the very best of Android applications available from SlideME. All our apps are manually approved and tested on a wide variety of devices, to make sure you get the best experience possible on your device, from your device.


QuietBall QuietBall v1.4

QuietBall - a puzzle-platformer with realistic physics