Currency Converter Currency Converter v1.6

A simple and reliable currency converter.


Dice Simulator Dice Simulator v1.0

A Dice Simulator Widget


Numbers Numbers v1.0.0

This is a common slider puzzle. You need to arrange the numbers in order.


Wiki Wiki Tiki Drop Wiki Wiki Tiki Drop v1.0.1

Relax by the Polynesian ocean side as you lob tiki masks onto a bamboo pole. Remove the masks by matching three in a row before they reach the ground.


a Wallet (AdFree) a Wallet (AdFree) v3.3

"a Wallet" application is your personal Virtual Wallet at your fingertips. It allows you to save and manage your most important data like Card Numbers, Bank Accounts' details, your Web Memberships, Private Notes, Vehicles & Computers' access info, Personal Info, etc.

All of your data is stored in fully Encrypted form and is also protected by a Password of your choice, which you can change anytime.


AndRemote AndRemote v1.0.5

AndRemote is a highly flexible PC-Remote Control for your Android device.

Download the free server and get various layouts to control virtually any application you could control with mouse and keyboard.

Easily control i.e. PowerPoint, FireFox or the Windows Media Player.

You can even build your own layouts with a AndRemote-LayoutBuilder!

Just send an eMail in any support/problem case!

More info at


Goobers Vs Boogers Goobers Vs Boogers v1.6.3

A turn based artillery game in the vein of Scorched Earth, Worms, Tanks and iShoot. Take turns lobbing bazooka shells, cluster bombs and mortar shells at each other until only one player remains.


Obama Stimulus Obama Stimulus v1.1.8

Tired of the government. Well now you can collect stimulus money like those too big to fail. Levels progress faster and harder as you collect the stimulus money. This is a parody/satire action game.


Don't Lose Your Balls! Don't Lose Your Balls! v1.1.8

Fast action game where you try to keep your balls in play.

Each ball type has an action associated with it. Some of the ball types include Freezing, Life, Health, Damage, Death, Extra Hit, and Special Movement.

More than 200 levels of game play in the registered version.


Zepto Towers Zepto Towers v1.1.8

Small Towers Big Defense. Build towers to protect your people.


BlackJack Trainer BlackJack Trainer v1.0.1

BlackJack Trainer improves your BlackJack card counting skills.


Email To Self Email To Self v1.81

Email web page addresses to yourself from the Browser to read later or to store them without losing them amongst your bookmarks. Also works from YouTube & Gallery.


Net Speed Net Speed v1.6

Shows the current upload and download speeds over wifi and/or the mobile network. Shows in the notification bar so it is always accessible from other apps.


Air Hockey Xtreme Air Hockey Xtreme v1.9

Air Hockey Xtreme will give you hours of non-stop action. A must for hockey fans. You can start playing right away. This game is fun for all ages.

- Better Physics
- Better compatibility with DROID and other newer phone models.

Next Release:
- Still better Physics
- User settings for skill levels


Sliding Puzzle Full Sliding Puzzle Full v1.1.1

The game challenges you to slide pieces of an image to obtain the final picture. The sliding puzzle game comes packed with features such as shuffle, camera/sdcard images, timer and more.


QuickShot QuickShot v1.0

Can you beat the black gunslinger?
Hold the phone straight down by your side pointing to the floor.
Wait for the handset to vibrate which is the signal to draw.
Raise the handset as accurate as you can and try to get five stars


Magic Coin Magic Coin v1.0

Magic coin is a cool app to impress your friends. Shake the phone to make the coin disappear from the phone screen and appear in your hand.

You have a lot of coins to choose like euros, dollars and pounds.
Just practice and make your friends drop their jaws in amazement.


Time Bomb Time Bomb v1.1

Can you handle the pressure and keep your wits while you try and disarm the bomb before time runs out.

Compete with others by posting your highest score online.


BioRhythms BioRhythms v2.0.0

Biorhythms is a powerful, easy-to-use application ideal for making personal forecasts.


SDD SDD v1.0

It is Christmas Eve and Old Saint Nick has slept in. Now it is a race against the clock to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls before Christmas morning. Help Santa navigate through the city and town in this arcade adventure. Can you get the deliveries done on time? It is all up to you to make this Christmas a merry one.