Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim v1.0

Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim is translated as "In the name of God, the Compassionate, the most Merciful"

This application has real-life stories of Prophets, pious people and sayings regarding Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.

Keywords: Islam God Allah Bismillah life hereafter


Tasbee Counter Tasbee Counter v10.0

Its a simple Tasbee Counter which will help you keep track of your tasbee count. Big buttons and vibrate helps in updating the counter without looking at screen. Also It remembers where you stoped last time even if you close the app. Also check out the Tasbee Pro App


Qibla Compass Qibla Compass v4.0.2

Prayer times, distance and direction (pointed by the arrow) to Kaaba in Mecca. It takes the difference between magnetic and true north in consideration.

Hold phone on flat surface and away from ferrous metal objects and electromagnetic fields.

Select islamic league in app Settings.

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Arabic Radio Pro Arabic Radio Pro v1.1

Arabic Radio Pro on Android Devices.


Azan Azan v1.2

Azan turn's your mobile device into Namaz notification or alarm clock, set your namaz time upto 5 times and be punctual to Allah.


Type Urdu Type Urdu v1.0

An App to type Urdu on the Android Devices.


AS Contact Sync for Android 2.x AS Contact Sync for Android 2.x v1.0-for-Android2.x

This app allows you to synchronize contacts across all of your mobile devices and personal computers.
For Android 2.x.
"A highly used tool. Now I know my contacts are safe, and available everywhere!"


One Dollar Secret Lite One Dollar Secret Lite v1.0

Famous quotes from famous people. you can get real cash from me. How? The secret is in the app.


Outer Darkness News Outer Darkness News v1.0

Get the latest news about space flight and space.


ShopBerry ShopBerry v1.1.1

ShopBerry is a colorful and smart shopping list app for android. It is a fine grocery list app for managing your shopping lists and keeping them shared between all the android devices of your family.


Marraige Quotes Marraige Quotes v1.0

Funny Marriage Quotes Around the world please read the quotes and enjoy fun quote, sayings, famous quotes, free quotes, writing, book


Motivational Quotes Motivational Quotes v1.0

Need some push during a workout. Love something more than anything else like football and soccer. Here are a locker of quotes to inspire you and motivate you during workouts and training.

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Jokes For All Occasions Jokes For All Occasions v1.0

All kinds of jokes and funny things for your enjoyment and fun quotes! With this app you will be able to look through some of the funniest jokes, and cool sayings.

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Interesting Ideas Interesting Ideas v1.0

Ponder these interesting ideas and thoughts with this free app. Do you know if it's impossible to tickle yourself? Or that a lot of people spend a whole year of their live on the phone? Ponder this and many other things.

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Questions To Ponder Questions To Ponder v1.0

If you ever wondered about the simplest of things in life this fun app will keep you entertained with interesting questions. questions, question, words, advice, tips, sayings, free apps


Try This Try This v1.0

Play a game with your friends where you have to act out movies, tv shows, fun music songs and more. It's perfect for a fun games night with your friends or family. free app, games, apps, app, entertainment, lifestyle


Random Life Facts Random Life Facts v1.0

Have you ever wanted to know random facts to show off your friends Course you have. This app will help you show your friends what you know and make them seem speechless. How far can a lion's roar be heard from? In the average lifetime, how far will you walk? free quotes, free wisdom, tips and advice, sayings, words


Team Charades Team Charades v1.0

Who has ever heard of the game charades? Well take turns passing your device around and get the rest of the team to guess what your doing. Great for kids, adults and seniors to play for a family game night free app, games, apps, app, entertainment, lifestyle


Marvel The Mania Marvel The Mania v1.0

Test your superhero comic skills with these charades, questions, and other stuff! Includes things like the Fantastic Four: Act out a scene from the movie: Rise of the Silver Surfer and the Incredible Hulk: Act out how Bruce Banner became the Hulk. Take this fun game to school and play with your comic loving friends. animation, charade, games, free entertainment app, hot game


The Motorcycle Quiz The Motorcycle Quiz v1.0

The times of motorcycle has come again. The time of easy riders is here again. So let see how many of you are really into motorcycles and how many of you actually know something about them. Take the quiz below to find out whether you are indeed a motorcycle fan or not. Answer all the questions.