IslamicWorld IslamicWorld v1.0

An amazingly knowledgeable quiz which helps Muslims test their Islamic knowledge


Two Pi Two Pi v1.0

Two Pi is a mobile game it describes the effects of different Mediums Density on waves in simple way that you can survive and dodge the moving platforms (Global Game Jam 2017).


Android Nom Nom Android Nom Nom v1.0

Grow the android family by nom nom noming yummy mobile devices


Minesweeper For Android Minesweeper For Android v1.2.1

Minesweeper for Android is the best minesweeper clone for Android platform featuring nice UI and global highscores!


Android Saper Android Saper v1.1.0

Classic saper game. Target is to find all empty fields without catch a mine.


I Know: Best Android Games I Know: Best Android Games v1.6

Best Android Games. It’s the game about .. Games! Do you like games? Most likely you know them well. Sure? You have a chance to find out your confidence.


PSPStation para Android PSPStation para Android v1.0.1 es una web de habla hispana enfocada principalmente en noticias actualizadas, tutoriales y Scene para las más importantes consolas de videojuegos del mercado.

Todo lo relacionado a PSVita, PSP, PS3, XBOX360, NintendoDS/3DS y Nintendo Wii; desde noticias oficiales hasta contenido homebrew, emuladores, custom firmwares y mucho más.


AndroidLines AndroidLines v1.0

This game is an Android conversion of a good old Lines'98 game. The goal is to earn as many points as you can by eliminating spheres of same colour in line.


Android Balls Android Balls v1.1

Android Balls is an addictive puzzle game.
Move your phone to guide dropping balls into the chute that matches their colour.


Android Roulette Android Roulette v2.00

Roulette at its best, the most realistic Roulette in 1 download. Must have app, free!


Tic Tac Toe For Android Tic Tac Toe For Android v2.6

The great game Tic Tac Toe.
Play against friends or against the computer.
4 levels for game against computer.


Box Mover Android Box Mover Android v1.0

Finally "Box Mover" game ported from other major platforms. This game will entertain you for hours. The main purpose is to create horizontal rows of boxes. As soon as a row is created it will disappear.


Mini Android Defense Mini Android Defense vFull_2.3

Mini Android Defense version 2.1

+ Classic TD over 100 levels and 20++ unique creeps
+ Versus mode with Buildings(Research lab, Incubator, SupplyDepot...) each for different purposes.
+ Crop plantation, ( Hybrid of concepts from Farmville + TD)
+ MAD ONLINE ( Play versus mode with other players on the internet)
+ Sound

Demo version
+ Classic TD (40 levels)
+ Crop plantation, ( Hybrid of concepts from Farmville + TD)


Mini Android Defense Mini Android Defense v1.0.6b

Mini Android Defense(MAD) is yet another tower defense game that has no predefined map, which allows more varieties of game plays and strategies for players to explore.


ANDROIDS Puzzle ANDROIDS Puzzle v0.0.0.2

With advertisements.
Set difficulty level. 5 levels are available.
Proof your reaction and combinatory skills with this brand new games.
It's simple to use: gamer should slide and place pieces of androids in correct picture.
Support APP2SD.


Drum Session Pro Drum Session Pro v1.2

I bet you can't stop playing with it once you've tried it.


ワンピースクイズ -onepiece- ワンピースクイズ -onepiece- v1.0

ONE PIECE に出てくる悪魔の実に絞ったクイズを出題!ワンピース王に俺はなる! mobile app, games, game, quiz, quizz, quizzes, free


HeavenHell HeavenHell v1.3.0

HeavenHell, when good fights evil!


Christmas Slice Christmas Slice v1.2.6

Spoil yourself and your friends before Christmas by downloading this great game!


Choose Your Ending Choose Your Ending v1.0

What type of ending will you get with this fun game of choosing your ending. It's an interactive game story that will have you wondering whether you're on the right path or heading for trouble. Enjoy the story filled with pirates, islands, natives and more!

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