Namaz Duaları Namaz Duaları v1.0

Namazda Okunan Duaların okunuş ve anlamlarının görüntülenebileceği bir uygulama.


Esmaül Hüsna Esmaül Hüsna v1.4

Allah'ın (CC) 99 ismini ve mânâlarını öğrenebileceğiniz bir uygulama.
99 Names of God.


Cevşen-i Kebir Cevşen-i Kebir v1.1

Cebrail (AS) gelerek, “Ya Resulullah, Rabbin sana selâm ediyor ve üzerindeki zırhı çıkarıp bu duayı okumanı istiyor. Bu dua hem sana, hem de ümmetine zırhtan daha sağlam bir emniyet sağlayacaktır.” demiştir. Cevşen-i Kebîr işte bu mübarek duadır.


Hadits Bukhari Hadits Bukhari v0.7.0

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatuLLAH wabarokatuh ...

This is a simple free application to present Hadits Bukhari in Android device. The Hadits Bukhari is translated in Bahasa Indonesia.

Aplikasi ini untuk menampilkan lebih dari 6900 Hadits Bukhari secara gratis.
Dengan pencarian hadits menurut kata-kunci sebagai fitur utamanya.

Terima kasih.
Wassalamu'alaikum wr wb


Type Arabic Type Arabic v1.0

Type Arabic application to communicate with others in Arabic language.


Android Guys Android Guys v1.2.2

Android Guys application brings you news from the Android Guys website as well as their weekly podcasts and lots of other goodies!

*PRO version available as well.


Android Guys Pro Android Guys Pro v1.2.1

Android Guys PRO application brings you news from the Android Guys website as well as their weekly podcasts and lots of other goodies! Free of ads and includes homescreen widgets.


Sky Map Sky Map v1.9.7.08

A very simple overview of the north and south sky hemisphere map with the Constellation and approximate graphical position of the planets and of The Sun and of The Moon.


All about Android All about Android v1.0

Watch out for the latest info about Android
* Twitter Tweets
* Facebook pages, posts
* Latest News from popular news channels
* Youtube videos
* About Android

1. Dont forget to share the app with your fellow android lovers, using the share icon near title
2. As you browse through the app, press back once to stop loading, press back again to main menu.


AndroidNews AndroidNews v1.0

Education Android News App


Android English practicing Android English practicing v1.2

Android English practicing. You can practice English by taking several TOEFL tests on your phone with this application.


Sei Veramente Intelligente? Sei Veramente Intelligente? v1.0

Sei veramente intelligente? Scoprilo e divertiti con gli amici. Quando nacque Cristofolo colombo? Quando venne fondato facebook? android free apps, free games, fun quizz, challenge


Trivia Special Trivia Special v1.0

This trivia is a good game to keep up with your everyday knowledge mobile app, games, game, test, quiz, quizz, quizzes, free


Linux Pop Quiz Linux Pop Quiz v1.0

Linux Quiz. Test your Linux knowledge Play this trivia game with your geeky friends today and see who knows more. Can you get all the answers correct? geek trivia, games, game, free games, android free games, quiz, quizz, quizzes, test, tests, gameshow, free game, brain, puzzle, puzzles, english, language


Qr Code Quiz Qr Code Quiz v1.0

Test your knowledge. Learn all about QR codes. See how much you know about mobile tagging. Challenge your friends too. For example, do you know if QR codes can be as big as a house? How about where were QR codes first developed? If you know the answer to these questions then try to know them all! quizzes, test, tests, gameshow, free iq games, entertainment, puzzle, brain, app


Tabelline Tabelline v1.06

Learn Times Table in simple mode :)
Disponibile in: English, Italian, Russian


Inktera Books Inktera Books v1.37.788

Inktera makes it easy to find, purchase and read today’s most popular eBooks.


Historic Historic v1.0

How good are you with historic trivia? Do you know about the Egyptians and Egypt? What about the roman empire? How about where the Taj Mahal is? India? Europe? Take on your friends and family in an all out crazy and outrageously fun game of trivia quizz for your mobile phone or tablet device.

free games, quizzes, trivia, mobile puzzle test


Truth Or Fail Truth Or Fail v1.0

This Application is to test your smarts there are questions that are easy and hard. Do you know the answer to questions like was Ben Franklin a popular citizen in Pennsylvannia and is the moon broken when we see only part of it and was WillIam Penn a christian? Try this fun quiz and learn new things. puzzle, tests, games, free game, quizz


History Trivia: Rome History Trivia: Rome v1.0

Which Roman general conquered Gaul? What became the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire? What did the Eastern Roman Empire become after the fall of the west? All this and more in History Trivia: Rome. A riveting trivia game of the history of Ancient Rome, Histrivia is going to keep you entertained for as long as your brain can handle. Be transported back to Ancient Rome and answer question after question. Be prepared for Rome!