Gunjan Gunjan v1.0

Gunjan brings to your phone more than 10,000 Bollywood Hindi Film Songs with videos directly from YouTube. Find your favorite songs old or new, classic or modern with her powerful search engine. If you know something about the song – song title, movie, singer, actor, music director, year of release – Gunjan will find it for you in a jiffy. Her database covers 60 years of Bollywood Music from 1950 to 2010. Get her Now and Enjoy ! For more information, visit


Payal Payal v1.0

Payal brings to your phone more than 10,000 Bollywood Hindi Film Songs with videos directly from YouTube. Find your favorite songs old or new, with her powerful search engine, create playlists and make your phone into a juke box. Her database covers 60 years of Bollywood Music from 1950 to 2010. Get her Now and Enjoy!
For more information, visit


RaceTrak RaceTrak v1.1

The BEST and ONLY analysis tool for MD Lottery Racetrax®!


Wlan4xx Wlan4xx v2.0

Wlan4xx. WEP, WPA & WPA2 Arcadyan routers Keygen Audit.

Generador de diccionario de claves WEP, WPA y WPA2 por defecto para routers Arcadyan de distintos proveedores de servicios de Internet (Arcor, EasyBox, Vodafone, Wireless, YaCom, WLAN y WiFi).

Dictionary Generator WEP WPA WPA2 networks default keys for Arcadyan routers of some Internet services providers (Arcor, EasyBox, Vodafone, Wireless, YaCom, WLAN and WiFi).


Love Cop - Full Love Cop - Full v1

I must warn you that the Love Cop basic training is not about how to pick up a chick nor is it filled with a bunch of corny pickup lines.

My training will teach you how to properly approach and navigate the most important part of any relationship; the beginning.

I will show you how to build a good relationship on a strong foundation if you have a girl who is crazy about you and has a great attitude. If a girl isn’t crazy about you or has a bad attitude, I will show you how to weed those qualities out and get rid of her.


Alpha Bravo Encoder: adfree Alpha Bravo Encoder: adfree v2.0

This app will teach you the NATO phonetic alphabet and the morse code value of letters and numbers. It will also encode/translate text into the NATO Phonetic Alphabet and into morse code. Once you have encoded/translated your text, you can save it to later retrieve it instead of re-typing your text every time. You can also copy the morse code to clipboard, nato text to clipboard and send it using email or text messages.


beo.text beo.text v1.0

beo.text is a highly customize-able tool to automatically respond incoming call or sms inbox received while you are in a condition unable to pick up phone call or reply text message.

Perhaps you are :
in a very important meeting.
you are driving. Remember, drive safely.
maybe you just want to spend a special day off with your loved one without interference from others.


JellyWars JellyWars v1.60

Get Jelly Wars and enjoy Star Arcade – the number one Mobile Social Gaming network! No single player, no offline modes – just online multiplayer! Perfect your gaming experience by tapping the STAR and access Star Lounge! It’s your time to continue the ancient war of two tribes – Jelly wars. Use jelly shots to beat your enemy and claim the treasure that caused the war. The other tribe is probably trying to provoke you with headgear, but keep it cool. They’ll regret their actions, sooner or later!


Nuclear Warfare Nuclear Warfare v1.1

Nuclear Detonation Simulator, Huge Nuke Weapons Guide, and Game all in one App!


Back Talk Back Talk v1.55

A conversational, fully interactive 3D talking and answering animated friend!


Slate Words Slate Words v1.1

From the team that brought you Gravity Words brings you yet another unique and original word game, Slate Words! The game is an original concept from the team with unique play style in every mode. Slate Words features the same vibrant attractive coloring that TS Games has become known for. The game has three modes, two single-player and one multi-player. Each mode is similar to the core game but varies in many ways!


Caffeine Monitor for Adults Caffeine Monitor for Adults v1.2

- simple caffeine monitoring through button pressing
- simple drink logging
- links to many medical and journalist reports on this subject
- keep track of how much caffeine you are taking in through their drinks, foods, and vitamins every day
- less sickness, better sleep
- alerts to when you should have just one more, stop for the day, or enjoy another caffeinated drink!
- pre-installed limit for normal, working adults and university students!
- all the real brands/sizes offline!


Caffeine Monitor for Kids and Teens Caffeine Monitor for Kids and Teens v1.2

Caffeine Monitor for Kids and Teens (and parents) has two purposes:
1) to make good decisions on what your childrens' diet should be according to caffeine for healthier waking hours and better sleep.
2) To take good educated guesses at whether you are "addicted to caffeine" according to what you might usually drink in a day.


The Mouse Labyrinth The Mouse Labyrinth v1.2

Help your hungry mouse to find the cheese.
Test your skills in 60 levels (more to come).
Collect hourglasses to expend your time.
Touch the screen to move the mouse through the maze.
If you find a wall with a color key over it you can open it by finding the key with the same color.
Teleport doors are one way. Be careful not to get yourself trap as not all the teleport doors are usefully.
Watch out for the traps as it will open as you go past it. So you can’t go back.
Have fun!


Birdy_480x800 Birdy_480x800 v1.0

When the kids ask “Hey mom/dad, where did I come from?”, parents generally answer the question as “The swork brought you!” instead of saying the truth. By the game Birdy, this story comes true .
The scold “Kea” cursed on the town is named “Sterile Town” and non of the women can give birth anymore. Our hero Swork, Birdy, helps to the families to have babies. Lets protect the swork from evil birds and make the families happy.


Card Shark Poker Slots Card Shark Poker Slots v1.0.0

It’s time to ante up! Card Shark Poker Slots (5 Reel Slot Machine) features up to 15 credits per line (up to 11 lines) with actual POKER HANDS as the winning combinations! Changeable credit values ranging from 1¢ - $5. Bluff your way to 42 trophies, purchase the 10 items in the gift shop using your winnings, and work your way up to piles of chips to become to ultimate card shark! If you love texas hold ‘em, you’ll love Card Shark! Reel cash, real fun!


Haunted Halloween 3D Slot Machine Haunted Halloween 3D Slot Machine v1.0

Play this slot as either an APP or as a Live Wallpaper!!!

-Vegas Style 5 Reel Slot Machine
-3 Bonus Rounds (Ignite the Pumpkin, Card Matching, Scratch Off Lotto Card)
-9 Paylines with WILD and BONUS Icons
-Free spins
-3D Icons with Animations
-Can Shake device to spin
-Gold Reels pay triple
-3D Rendered Coin Shower on Big Win
-Multiple spin,Bonus,Win sounds
-Settings so you can customize your play
-Halloween Theme


Fun with Colors (Smartphones) Fun with Colors (Smartphones) v2.2.1

Fun With Colors (For Smartphones)
Are you getting bored sitting indoor? Don't worry, just download this game and experience how coloring could be fun.
Just imagine how would a pink lion look or how would a blue tree look like? Can't imagine? Just try it out with this game and see how fun it is to play with colors.
With more than 60 pictures, let you creativity and imagination flow breaking all barriers.


KidTeach KidTeach v1.2

KidTeach is a Visual Tutor Application, aimed at teaching kids the names, Spellings and Pronunciations of real world things. It shows an Image (cartoon style, but closer to real thing), its name, then
Spells it and pronounces it.
It also has a Test Mode, which shows an Image, provides 4 Options, allows selection of an option, counts correct choices made, calculates correct choice percentage (against total items of the category), and eventually, helps monitor the progress of Kid's Learning.


Ninepin Bowling Ninepin Bowling v1.96

The ultimate fun with Nine-pins
Watch out Ninepin fans!