!3D Bubble Breaker !3D Bubble Breaker v1.47

Classic puzzle game with smooth 3D GRAPHICS!!!


(Lite) Decision makers 3D N in 1 (Lite) Decision makers 3D N in 1 v1.1

Set of decision makers in your pocket. To get advice just touch and roll selected decision cube to the direction you like.
Lite version has General, Manager and Baby gender (what if today) decision makers.
Full one adds Todays activity, HR, Trader and no ads.

Note:remember that it is just a toy.


3D Talking Albert 3D Talking Albert v1.7

This cool LIVE 3D Albert Einstein Model performs the following actions for you:

● Albert Einstein blows a raspberry at you
● Albert Einstein whistles
● Albert Einstein sneezes
● Albert Einstein says some of his most popular quotes
● Use Albert as Alarm Manager


7Numara 7Numara v1.0

7 numara dizi izle . yedi numara


A Fairy Tale A Day A Fairy Tale A Day v2.2

Read a different fairy tale everyday. When you start this app, it will download the classic short story of the day and display it on your Android device for you to read.


a Pocket Board + Decision Maker + Dice a Pocket Board + Decision Maker + Dice v1.20

The ONLY app that AUTOMATICALLY enlarges your text messages to fill the screen. It's an easy way to communicate visually when voice is not an option. PLUS just one click and you can turn your note to any kind of DECISION MAKER, DICE, adviser, predictor, Magic 8 Ball, bet utilities (e.g. sport), dice and etc.. Simply select [work as decision maker] when edit any of your text notes. Plus you have your personalized billboard banner.


a World of Faces a World of Faces v1.995

Be part of a World Record, fight racism and preach tolerance, a World of Faces does it all for you in one sweet package of fun !!

We are assembling portraits of people around the world to make a picture long enough to wrap around the world.

We just need 40 millions pictures of you, no big deal :D

Be creative, join us !


A World Of Photo A World Of Photo v1.0.0

Loosely inspired by the traditional "Spin the Bottle", A World Of Photo is a casual, geo-multiplayer online game with with a social touch.


aBlackBook aBlackBook v1.6.0

aBlackBook is a lifesaver for people who have active romantic lives (on or offline); use aBlackBook to keep track of the who/when/wheres of your dating life.

Ad-supported; ad-removal key available.


AComicView AComicView v1.2

support zip formate : zip, cbz
support file formate : jpg, bmp, gif, png

- Touch to Key move function (20081026)
- Left->Down, Down->Left (20090314)
- Page Divid ( first page left, first page right) (20090328)
- the page overlap one another.(20090514)
- wait dialog insert (20090606)
- rar, cbr file format not support ...
- memory bug fix (20100121)
- message bug fix, full screen menu add, /sdcard first directory (20100210)
- image size modify (20100304)
- Flip orientation memu insert(20100718)
- next delay fix(20100729)
- memory error fix(20100809)
- ZIP upercase open error fix(20100814)
- open memory error fix(20100814)
- seceen fit support(20100823)
- memoey error fix etc (20100823)
- page move (goto menu insert)(20100830)
- next zip comic view(20100830)
// demo link


Advent calendar carols Advent calendar carols v1.0

Advent calendars display the days of December left before Christmas.
This advent calendar represents each day with a number and a Santa Claus hat:
this hat is hanging on the left if you can open the box and on the the right if the displayed day is not passed as yet.
By clicking on a click enabled day, a Christmas carol appears.


Afcod Tv Afcod Tv v1.0

Watch favorite preaching videos right on your android phone or tablet. Chursch,preaching,tv,youtube,


After The Siege After The Siege v1.0

"After the Siege" is a good art work by Danny Parsons. Ozitechnology is offering you the best art work
to run on your Android devices.
Its good application for comic lovers
Enoy it for free!


Ahorrador o Rata Ahorrador o Rata v1.03

Las entradas de


AK-47 AK-47 v1.0.1

Animated AK-47 Assault Rifle!

If you like gun apps, you'll love this one!


Alan Partridge Complete Soundboard Alan Partridge Complete Soundboard v2.0.0

Alan Partridge soundboard - includes 50 sounds from series 1 and series 2


AlbumPaint AlbumPaint v2.0

NOTE: THIS IS IN APP PURCHASE VIA PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARD. THE PRICE IS US$19.9. AlbumPaint turns a photo into a sketch, painting, or grey painting. It uses line, color and shade to analyze photos. So user does not need a drawing board. Only using mobile phone, he can train painting, collect material, or draw a cool picture to wow his friends. Also, when user is preparing for drawing and painting exam, it is a very good help.


Aliens Radar Aliens Radar v2.0

The complete application is free.

Everyone knows that we are not alone, the aliens are among us, use the reader to find them.

All you need to do is to follow the directions given by this app.
-Find aliens in your area !!!
-Search for UFO unidentified flying object
-Get directions to find aliens


Almoskonyv Online Almoskonyv Online v1.4

*** Dream book only in hungarian language. ***


Alquimia BIG BANG Alquimia BIG BANG v1.0

It combines two elements to create new and discover from the big-bang to the end foreseen by the Maya.

The game is divided into 10 groups with 10 elements in each of them, starting with 3 elements and you have to combine to get the 100 items, all related to the universe and human evolution.