Koodler is the best creative tool of doodling, painting and photo art-effect. Designed for drawers...
Kikis Fashion Picks 2
Kiki’s Fashion Picks 2 is the ultimate game for aspiring fashionistas. Would you know what clothes...
The Domingos
★★★ Excellence award winner of the Square Enix GDCI ★★★ "A physics-based puzzle game, the kind of...
Outdoor Play
Meet Kiki for the first time in 3D! He is trying out a number of outdoor activities for an upcoming...
With Trunx, you can store all of your photos and never worry about space on your device. Trunx...
Lost in Paradise
Immerse yourself in a lost paradise, with a deep mystery hiding beyond it's pristine shores. As a...
Words 4 Diamonds
Step into the world of letters, words, safes, diamonds and treasures. This is a word guessing game...
Astro Explosions
Improve your Memory and Math skills having fun with this space themed game. This game is for...
Age of Zombies
From Halfbrick, the creators of Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash comes their newest and biggest...


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TOEIC Training Tool TOEIC Training Tool v1.0.2d

Maximize your TOEIC score. Work on exercises specially designed to help you eliminate common errors and improve your English grammar quickly and efficiently.


Clumsy Bear Run 2 Clumsy Bear Run 2 v1.0.0

Clumsy Bear again fell into the dark dungeons. Huge sharp spikes grow there at every step. Has become even more dangerous.


Funny Puzzle Funny Puzzle v1.000

Puzzle game of landscapes and animals.

The game is a puzzle where you have to drag the pieces to recreate the image.

Hold clues in order to achieve the goal.

There are three levels: easy, medium and hard.


A+ VCE A+ VCE v3.10.1

The Android VCE Exam Files player.


PolyPop PolyPop v1.01

Fight against yourself in this challenging game in which you are your own enemy!

In PolyPop you have to blow up a specific geometric shapes without mistakes, nor missing any. Succeed or fail depends on it.

How many points can you get? Only the best players achieve the trophy! Are you one of them?

PolyPop is a fun challenge and colorful casual game. It includes music, sound and visual effects that capture you at any time and situation.

HD and 3D game, adapted to all kinds of devices.


Media Editor Media Editor v1.0

Customize media information and create Social Networking Site compatible photos.


Dots in a Row Dots in a Row v1.0.6

You have to get four lines or columns with same color.


TabTrader TabTrader v1.1.7

TabTrader is trading terminal for bitcoin exchanges ANXPRO, HitBtc, BTC-E, BTCChina, Bitstamp, Kraken, Justcoin.


Circooz Circooz v2.0

Circle the stars before they fade out!!!!!


Super DragonStone Super DragonStone v1

Super Dragon Stone is an extremely difficult and challenging game for users.


Xeno Quest Xeno Quest v1.0.0

Xeno Quest takes place in a grand fantasy world where magic and technology dominate. In this unique game we hear of a “Son of Destiny” that will change the fate of the world with his power. Xeno Quest presents multiple memorable and classic world views: The “Saints” beyond the human world, the powerful “Disciples” who were once controlled by evil forces, and the destructive “Shadow Guild” that causes chaos.


Enregistrer appel Enregistrer appel v1.0

application simple qui permet d'enregistrer vos appels téléphonique automatiquement dans un fichier audio.


TotalSelfie TotalSelfie v2.2.0

Your selfies with the highest quality


Wave On Pop Wave On Pop v1.3

color match


Neon Red Neon Red v1.3.4

A paid version of the Neon Red Free theme which along with the CM (AOSP) apps themes Google Apps as well.


Crypto Coin Tracker Crypto Coin Tracker v1.2.1

Monitor BitCoin/AltCoin Portfolio Value and Coin Address Withdrawals/Deposits


units converter units converter v1.0

Units Converter is a simple and very easy unit converter. It is also very useful at the same time. It contains all common conversions.


Real Dragon Pet Real Dragon Pet v1.0.1

Play and have fun with your own Dragon in the real world thanks to Augmented Reality!


World of Animals World of Animals v1.0

• Learn about animals from all over the world
• 5 games in 1
• Includes memory exercises, problem solving, spelling games and more…
• Talk Version for positive reinforcement
• Great for learning whilst having fun


SB-World - Shine Brite Kids SB-World - Shine Brite Kids v1.0.0

Shine Brite World - Shine Brite Kids! Your child will go on Adventures with each of the SB Kids as they learn to Think Positive, Be Kind, Be Diligent, Accept Others, Do Their Best, and Much More. Shine Brite Education Teaches Kids Values and Success Principles through Adventures, Stories, Games, and More. Current Adventures: - Garden / Monkey Mono / Circus / Ice Cream / Derby Race & More on the way. Our Mission: Better the future by teaching every child to Shine Brite. Visit Us at ShineBrite.org