Tap the Box
Tap the Box is a simple and fun physics puzzler. The objective is easy: Get the jewel on top of the...
Linked Jewels
LINK the JEWELS by swiping over them with your finger. Match at least 2 similar jewels to clear...
Monster Busters
Do you think that all the monsters are very scary? I do not think so. There are adorable monsters...
Acorn Rush!
Help Chester the Squirrel prepare for the hard times ahead! Our little woodland friend is quickly...
Hey there! Heard you are looking for a platform game that actually plays great on your touchscreen...
RC Land FPV Race
RC Land Quadcopter FPV Race - simulation game lovers of extreme fly on a radio-controlled...
Move the Box (Steal the Box)
An addictive logic puzzle about stealing/moving treasure chest boxes. NEW UPDATE: 130 exciting...
Fruit Casino
Action or logic games are not the right for you? Then try out Fruit Casino, the slot machine! Spin...
To all of you CrossWords lovers and other word-game afficionados. 1Word is the best companion to...


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Bubbles Bubbles v1.1

Simple colorful game for kids


Ganesha Game Ganesha Game v1.0

A Fun Loving Game dedicated to Lord Ganesha or Ganpati where the characters are based on Hindu Mythology.


Twin Runners Twin Runners v1.2

A fun physic based runner. Swap gravity, slide and preserve Yin and Yang.


Aliens Aliens v1.0.1

Aliens need YOU. Defend our little friends from bugs invasion!


Jump or Fall Jump or Fall v1.0.1

The free arcade game for people of all ages.


Circle of 5ths Circle of 5ths v2.1.1

CIRCLE OF 5THS - Song writing tools.
Interactive reference & composition aid .
Touch to play - Audio.
Create chord progressions.
Major, minor, seventh, ninth and suspended chords.


Habit list Habit list v1.2

Manage your habits. (Still in development)


Power Clean Power Clean v2.13

World's most powerful cleaner & optimize tool.


SkyWay SkyWay v1.1.56

The spirit downfallen from the skies is endeavoring to find the way back for coming out from the hell and entering the paradise land. How rapid will you overcome all the obstacles faced on your pathway and return the lost soul to its abode?


Mind Tester Mind Tester v1.0

Note: Before using Mind Tester Please read the help first .


14 Colors 14 Colors v1.0.4

Do you have good reflexes and fast fingers?? Then 14Colors is for you!


Vine Video Downloader Vine Video Downloader v1.4

Download videos from Vine.


Trippy Salamander Trippy Salamander v1.1

Help the Mexican salamander Axolotl swim through a trippy stream of candy, avoiding the deadly mines and hazardous spiked balls, while eating sweets to collect points. Different psychedelic power-ups will make your task easier (and occasionally harder), by giving you superhuman (super-salamander, to be more precise) powers and by significantly changing how the game is played. You will not believe what some of those power-ups do.


Quiz master Quiz master v1.0

Looking for a better Quiz game, this is it.
We have picture quiz, Flash Quiz, Flag quiz and Miscellaneous quiz on the menu just for you.


Health Status Check Health Status Check v1.0

All-in-One Health Status Check is a free, fast, convenient and friendly-designed application to calculate your BMI, find your ideal weight, evaluate your waist index, etc...


Tumblr Video Downloader Tumblr Video Downloader v1.4

Download videos from Tumblr.


Fairy Mushroom Live Wallpaper Fairy Mushroom Live Wallpaper v1.0

This is mushroom world, mushroom houses can be seen everywhere. The flower fairies are owners of these fantastic houses, you can see now they are flying around in the forest. And more interesting thing is, the color of the mushroom can be changed in seconds.


Enjoy Moon Live Wallpaper Enjoy Moon Live Wallpaper v1.0

In this live wallpaper you can enjoy the beautiful moon scenery just as the boy and girl in the blue moonlight. Colorful bubbles are floating in the air. It also contains gesture effect, you can touch the phone screen to enjoy the interesting interaction.


Dreamy Flower Live Wallpaper Dreamy Flower Live Wallpaper v1.0

In this live wallpaper, with two HD pictures, all are gorgeous flowers. Many golden butterflies are flying among these flowers, with the floating light particles makes the flowers look more beautiful and fantastic.


Cute Butterfly Live Wallpaper Cute Butterfly Live Wallpaper v1.0

This live wallpaper offers you a cartoon world which full of colorful lovely butterflies, flowers and hearts. The lovely cartoon butterfly may remind your happy childhood memories.