Doodle Jump
Journey up a sheet of graph paper, perpetually jumping from one platform to the next, picking up...
Friscus' Workshop Demo
Crafts! Parts! Malfunctioning cheap light! The life of a craftsman is never easy. Especially not...
Audiobooks Now is the premier service for downloading and streaming digital audiobooks. Users can...
Honey Run
Honey Run is a fun and exciting game that's bursting with colour and action. Guide your bees to and...
This is easy-to-play game, full-of-challenge 3D Real Racing. Move your device to right- left to...
Jack's House
Funny life situations of little Jack will teach your child in the easiest form! The game develops...
Kiti Cat
Kiti Cat gives you a brand new physics based and strongly fun gameplay in that you concentrate to...
Cleaning Fun
Brrring! It's clean up time! Let’s give Miumiu a hand with the chores. You will learn lots of...
Wild City
Be free and choose your destiny in Wild City, the city of vice where you can become a world tycoon...


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Move My Lover Move My Lover v1.6

"don't judge a book by its cover" is something I can describe Move My Lover.


Karate Panda Karate Panda v1.0.2

Nothing will stop Pandа, who owns karate!


mr pogo mr pogo v1.0.2

Life of a clown isn't easy! But you will never stop laughing!


Line of four Line of four v1.2

Line of Four (also known as Connect 4, Four in a line and more) is a classic two player abstract strategy free game. You have connect four pieces vertically, horizontally or diagonally to win. Select column to drop your piece.


100 pushups Workout trainer 100 pushups Workout trainer v1.3.9

Do you want to be able to do 100 pushups? YOU can do it!


Tetra Swing Tetra Swing v1.0.3

A new take on classic block puzzle tetris. Gameplay is similar to tetris combined with flappy bird (control style).


Cookie Story Cookie Story v1.0.0

★Download the SWEET MATCH 3 game FOR FREE! ★
Cookie Story is a new exciting match 3 puzzle game. Swap and match yummy cookies; collect sugar candies and delicious pastry; mix rainbow cakes in this fantastic adventure.


AG Drive 3D AG Drive 3D v1.0

Are you ready for a futuristic adrenaline racing?


PlanetCon PlanetCon v1.0

Simple turn based strategy game, of galactic conquest, similar to Konquest for Linux.


Frutty Catch Frutty Catch v1.0a

Delve into this funny, addictive and colorful fruity adventure. Help Kenji, Amy and their friends to catch all the possible fruits in 4 addictive game modes!

Enjoy a new fruity experience!


Ants Ants v7.1

This interactive game unlocks knowledge about the growth of ants and their special functions in an unique society!


Easter Games. Kids Playground Easter Games. Kids Playground v1.3

Easter Fun for kids with Color and Draw, Puzzle and Memory games


RunChickenRun RunChickenRun v1.0.20

Have you ever wanted to be a chicken. Well now you can. Download this game and let the dream come true.


Fish cross death of road Fish cross death of road v1.0

Can you cross the Fish cross death of road ??



This is easy-to-play game, full-of-challenge 3D Real Racing. Move your device to right- left to control the direction of the car. Click to Speed-up item to accelerate the car; click to O-form item to gain props randomly.

Click the image in back-left angle to use the prop.
Use operational techniques, props and the path of the road to win the game.
Targets: Speed, competition, survive for the player.


Little Adventure 2 Little Adventure 2 v1.0

Classic Platformer in colorful world with HD Graphics.


Grab The Auto Grab The Auto v1.0

Grab The Auto is the best City Driving Game where you can Grab Car and Drive.
Meet our Player John Woods who is new to the City and want to explore the City but has no cash.
Only way for him to do this is by Grabing any auto and take it for a Drive. City has both Urban and Forest area where he can grab different vehicles and drive.


Falling Pip Falling Pip v1.0.11

"Falling Pip" arcade game about a cheerful green monsters


Train Your Brains Train Your Brains v1.0

Train Your Brains tests your basic Mathematics Skills
This is a great basic Mathematics puzzle game that challenges your brain.


DMB DMB v1.0

Use your four dimensional boxes to save earth from total destruction.