Neonize - A rhythm and memory based shooter game for those seeking a fun challenge! The goal is...
School Day
Discover "Cricket Kids", Slim Cricket’s line of educational products for children under 7. In "...
Clash Of Mages Free
Join the battle! Try to become an Archmage! Clash of Mages is tactical turn based game which is...
Crazy Insects
Peaceful times are gone. The army of bugs is gonna to break in. Save your sweets from those vicious...
Lasso Kid Pocket
The Number 1-Smash Hit with the Lasso! First place in the category "Kids 5 and Under" in 10...
Monster Truck
From the makers of popular Dark Runner series, Doodle Car and BasketBall 3D, comes yet another...
Mana Crusher
Puzzle game & wizard cards collection. Gather your team of wizards to complete over 100 puzzles...
Aero monkey jumping
Aero Monkey Jumping is highly addictive arcade game that you'll want to play again and again! Chip...
King of Dragon Pass
Create your own epic saga of conflict, mythology and community! Rule your own clan, take important...


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More Or Less More Or Less v1.0

Try to find the exact number !


LightEscape LightEscape v1.0

Light Escape. You are THE CUBE. And you gone MAD. Can you COPE with yourself?


TaskListManagerPro TaskListManagerPro v1.8

A simple task list application that provides task classification according to preset priority levels: low, medium, and high. Update tasks and delete them on app exit. Customize max characters displayed according to screen size. Export and Import the tasks to CSV or text file for viewing later on a bigger screen.

This app is only in English version.


Word Mania Word Mania v1

Do you think you can make it into TOP20 in this new highscores word search game?


Halloween Live Wallpaper Halloween Live Wallpaper v1.0

This is a live wallpaper ghosts appear.


Movie Scene Quiz Movie Scene Quiz v1.0

In the Best Movie Scene Quiz guess from a certain scene, some should be obvious and easy, others less so...


BeeBee BeeBee v1.0.1

Game on attention and speed. Tap as much and as fast as you can.
Don’t tap the wrong flower, be careful.


Monsters Lab Legend Kids Games Monsters Lab Legend Kids Games v1.2

Something funny is going on inside our little kids laboratory, cute & silly monster animals are everywhere.


50 Percent 50 Percent v1.1

feel lucky? Choose wisely.


PSYShoot PSYShoot v1.5

PSYShoot is a fantastic game, where you compete and challenge you is the norm.


Puzzle Tour Puzzle Tour v1.5

Puzzle game loved by World people
Let's go travel with Puzzle Tour
It's time to stop playing single round game!


Little Genius Kids Little Genius Kids v1.0

What do parents want for their growing kids? A well rounded development and exposure to a variety of educational and fun activities is the need of the hour.


Arcanoid360 Arcanoid360 v1.0

For all fans of the genre of arcade we propose a new stage in the evolution Arca


Snake Tales Snake Tales v1.0

SNAKES are amazing creatures in the world and they are scary.


Air Rider Air Rider v1.0.1

Air Rider, an addictive game play with lots of adventures and fun in balloon.


Puzzle Games Alarm Puzzle Games Alarm v1.0

Use puzzle games alarm if you must wake up and don't want to miss alarm.


Brick Breaker Brick Breaker v1.0

Break all the bricks, complete all levels. Select a difficulty level and start.


Graveyard Run Graveyard Run v1.02

Enjoy the fast paced action, just in time for Halloween. Collect the haunted pumpkins while running through the spooky graveyard. Watch out for the ghouls or they will take your loot!


Mind Games Mind Games vv6

Memory and mind games featuring a colorful modern theme.


Brick Hell Brick Hell v1.0

No graphics. No sound. Only game.