It’s time to go green! Harness the potential of trash by using tossed-aside tidbits to produce...
Good Jumps
This is an upward platforming game that in it you go high and save babes in its land. You should be...
DogWorld 3D
The sweetest animal playing app "DogWorld 3D: My Puppy" for all big and small children who always...
Letter Writing
Letter Writing is an application for pre-school & kindergarten kids who are in early stage of...
Move My Lover
This game is based on basic mechanic but end up with hard work when you on the road. Left or right...
mr pogo
How far would you go to please the crowd? Bounce on your pogo stick through various levels and...
Stunt Extreme
****Welcome to the world of "Stunt Xtreme" **** Race the clock and your rivals in this amazing...
Ants are very common little creatures. If you look close, you will find ants in all types of...
Frisbee® 2
Experience the rollercoaster ride of your lifetime! Dive and glide along the edge of erupting...


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ChainReaction ChainReaction v0.0.1

The BEST Chain Reaction game in the store ! Make chain reactions and win all 25 levels, if you can :)


Zombie Treat Zombie Treat v1.0

Eat as many candies as you can.


Run Criminal! Run Criminal! v0.2.3

You have robbed a bank. Now run away and avoid police. Reach your car


Mushroom Mogul Mushroom Mogul v1.0.4

Mushrooms have come alive! Let's catch them and play with them!
Mushroom Mogul is partly inspired by the old Whack-a-Mole and contains 40+ unique mushrooms to collect and play with!


Crossword Solver II Crossword Solver II v1.0.19

Find missing words or anagrams for your crossword puzzles. Also useful for finding Scrabble words.


Cookie Defender Cookie Defender v1.03

Defend your cookie against hordes of ants


Happy Pet House Happy Pet House v1.0.0

It's a busy day in Happy Pet Story! Every townie is having house visits right now. You, as Mayor Mojo's secretary, must take notes on whoever entered the house! Happy Pet House pits your memory skills against the townies' quick-running legs!

Keep track of who entered the house and select the correct answer! Train your memory and be the next memory master!

Happy Pet House is the fourth mini-game launched under Happy Pet Project. Other games include Happy Pet Story, Find, Spot, Balance.


Bubble Match Bubble Match v1.5

Play Bubble Match and match bubbles of two or more colors to clear the screen.


Gimme a Card Gimme a Card v1.0

Play Your Cards Right, with a twist! Get the highest streak possible to beat your personal best and impress your friends! In app shop to spend your game credits.


Avoid the Blocks Avoid the Blocks v1.1

Very simple and intresting game. Good time killer.The controls are very simple . Point and click in any blank area on the screen that would dodge the blocks. Try to hold out as far as possible . Participate in the online ranking and try to win first place ).
After some time , new blocks , so be careful when choosing the position .


FlyingScape FlyingScape v1.1.6

Can they escape at once?


Bombay Velvet Movie Songs Bombay Velvet Movie Songs v1.0.0.1

Get FREE Songs,Videos & Wallpapers of the upcoming movie Bombay Velvet


The Bouncies The Bouncies v1.0.1

Place the right objects on the floor for the Bouncies to jump across and exit.


Duck O Colour Duck O Colour v1.0.20

Colour the ducks using only the 3 primary colours and revolving paint guns.


Baldix Baldix v1.5

You have to combine words from falling letters in fight against the time.


Cloud Cloud v7.21

Join our little cloud on an adventure to make our planet clean and healthy!


Tricky Tapped Toppings Tricky Tapped Toppings v1.0.1

Tap the Pizzas to launch tasty toppings that match the customers' orders.


Play Match Soccer Play Match Soccer v1.0.1

This app is a realistic physics and fun soccer game.
Create your own strategy and beat to the computer or to your friends.


Ganesha 3D Ganesha 3D v1.0

A Must have 3D Ganesh Temple App on your Mobile, perform real time Puja.


Preschool Kids Shape Puzzles Preschool Kids Shape Puzzles v1.12

Your child have to slide and snap the colorful puzzle pieces into place to reveal the delightful high quality image.