Texas Holdem Poker Awesome
Most popular poker game in the world. Full Facebook compatibility and complete with 10 million...
War Memory
War Memory Game defies your memory skills all the time. Do not allow the enemy army to recruit them...
Phrasal Nerds
Learn essential phrasal verbs by setting out on a space adventure with Alex the mole! Phrasal Nerds...
For all lovers of pop music! For all dance heroes! For all who want to be a rock hero! For all...
Ninja Miner
Ninjas are not well known for mining! But now it's time to use famous ninja skills for collecting...
June's Potion
June’s Potion is a arcade stealth game that tries to combine a arcade theme with an exciting...
Escape - The Wizard Run
Try out this new addictive game where you have to escape the wrath of the Dark Witch! Swipe your...
Futile Tiles
This original and addictive arcade game has a simple goal, yet it is one of the most difficult...
HAYRIDE is a farming game with smooth controls. You will grow crops and fruits, raise livestock...


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Hot Ball Hot Ball v1.0

Flying a fireball is not as easy as it looks.


Epic Sniper Premium Epic Sniper Premium v1.1

If you have a never-ending passion for shooting,then you have come to the right place! Epic Sniper transforms your phone into a battlefield,where you can snipe all your enemies in a 3D gameplay like never before.


Ritle Ritle v1.0

Ritle is a small runner game, start running, avoid obstacles and survive!


Dangerous Insects Dangerous Insects v1.3

Tower Defense game in which you have to protect plants from voracious insects


PuzzlookFree PuzzlookFree v1.4_sl

Educational and funny jigsaw puzzles for children of preschool age (2-6 years)


Pişti + Pişti + v1.0

Pişti (Pişpirik) Kart Oyunu


Security Puzzle Security Puzzle v1.2a

Drag Pieces and arm them to unlock your Phone


Falldown Bugzy Falldown Bugzy v1.6

A cool simple addictive falldown game where Bugzy is the main character :)


Iron Remote Iron Remote v1.1

Turn your Android device into a WiFi remote controller for your Windows PC with this beautiful and simple app!


Flip Flip v1.0

FlipRemove is an exquisite flipping squares game.


Prepare To Die BALL Prepare To Die BALL v1.0.1

Acceleration ball control game.
Only someone who challenges your willpower.


Price Helper Price Helper v1.3

Currency converter: identifying prices using camera; more than 140 currencies.


Candy Cut Halloween Candy Cut Halloween v1.0.1

Slash cut is a game similar to other celebrities like cut things !


Astro Man Astro Man v1.0

A cool simple arcade game. Suitable and easy for all ages. Come and have a go!


Don't Tap the Primes Don't Tap the Primes v1.0

Interesting mind game. Hit the falling numbers as fast as you can & avoid primes


Swing Bus Swing Bus v1.1

Do not hit any car in your way. Feel you own like a real swing bus driver.


Construction Crew Construction Crew v1.0

Be the leader of a construction crew, steer 12 vehicles and master 45+ levels.


Electrum Drum Electrum Drum v4.8.3

Electrum Drum Machine/Sampler. Pattern based music composition.


SuperVision+ SuperVision+ v1.6.11

THE advanced magnifier (magnifying glass). No more image shaking.


TwoDot TwoDot v1.2

A puzzle game arcade that the same color with more than one connection.