Xeno Quest
Xeno Quest takes place in a grand fantasy world where magic and technology dominate. In this unique...
Super DragonStone
Super Dragon Stone is an extremely difficult and challenging game for users. Super Dragon Stone is...
HAYRIDE is a farming game with smooth controls. You will grow crops and fruits, raise livestock...
SB-World - Shine Brite Kids
Shine Brite World - Home of the Shine Brite Kids! Your child will go on Adventures with each of the...
Astro Defender
Save the galaxy from waves of aliens mutants! not for the faint-hearted, quick response and sharp...
Little Fireman
Experience the pride of becoming a firefighter in a child-friendly roleplaying game. Learn...
Fish Farm 2
After the huge success of Fish Farm, you can now experience even more: most realistic fish...
Rings Of Night
Fleet up with thousands of players to save humanity from The Wyrd Empire! Rings of Night is a FREE...
Welcome to Dream Fish, you are only taps away from owning multiple aquariums, where you can decide...


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Math Is Fun 2-7 Math Is Fun 2-7 v1.2

This game will help your kid to learn how to add and subtract numbers from 1 to 10. The game has 200 levels with increasing difficulty. The levels were created by teachers of math to give the best results.



Squeeze and stretch the frame vertically and horizontally to put it into the right place.
Pass as many levels as you can and get an opportunity to create them yourself!


Taekwondo Forms (Sponsored) Taekwondo Forms (Sponsored) v1.0sm

This app contains animated videos of Taekwondo patterns.


Healthy Foodlve Healthy Foodlve v1.0.0

Eat good, feel and look good, find, collect & share healthy choices with Foodlve


Tower Collector Tower Collector v1.4.0

Join OpenCellID community and collect cell towers' locations from your area!


World Cars Free World Cars Free v1.6

You like cars? Test your skill in this game. Await you most different cars!


Tilt Mazes V2 Tilt Mazes V2 v1.2

Tilt Mazes V2 is a logical puzzle game in which you must move a ball through a maze and collect one or more squares (goals) to win.

The challenge is to find the ideal path with minimum steps and solve the maze with a minimum amount of time. Tilt Mazes V2 has actually 27 mazes to solve by moving balls thanks to accelerometer sensor or by touching screen like you prefer.


Dog On The Run Dog On The Run v2.2.2

Help the little Rex to escape from the misterious ray in this fun and innovative 2d runner. He destroyed rex's house and is coming for him.


MobPad MobPad v1.0

MobPad helps in keeping track of your daily event at times where your pen might not be nearer to you.


Blobjob Blobjob v1.1

Who wants a free Blobjob? Yaay!


Stickman Run Stickman Run v1.0

A fun, addictive and challenging stickman running game you will surely enjoy


Bubbles 'n Blocks Bubbles 'n Blocks v1.0.1

Bubbles 'n Blocks will get you hooked with its addictive puzzle action.


SP-Remake SP-Remake v1.0

Pictures slide puzzle


Polygon Master Polygon Master v1.1

fast-paced FREE game where you have to catch all the polygons with same shape


SquiralGame SquiralGame v1.0

Great game where you and a squirrel called leon try to snatch the eggs before the other can. Has many levels with great funny sound effects. It also has a difficulty level from easy to hard. Controls can be changed as well.


Hotshot Hands Hotshot Hands v2.01

Get into the soccer/football craze and get your fingers trained! Featuring three game modes, Hotshot Hands will show you how hard being a goalkeeper in soccer/football really is! Test your endurance in the marathon mode or see if you can keep up the onslaught of soccer balls in timed mode! Also, compete with your friends in versus mode! Best of all, the app's free, so try it out today!


Mosquito Killer Mosquito Killer v1.01

Take out your rage against mosquitoes and show them who's boss! Kill mosquitoes with the tap of your finger and show mosquitoes who the boss is. Plus, compete with your friends to see who can kill the most mosquitoes. Beware however, as just like in real life the buggers can be hard to kill! No anti-itch cream needed!


Honey Tribe Honey Tribe v2.1

All the worker bees are ill! If nobody can go out to collect the nectar there won’t be any honey to feed the brood. The hive won’t survive the winter! Help Corbee to venture out into the forest and collect enough nectar to keep the hive alive. It’s been his dream to go out exploring but the real thing might be scarier than he imagined…!


Word Ace Word Ace v1.0

2 minutes quick and simple word matching game!!

Very easy gameplay: you start with a bunch of letter cards, and before the time is up you have to try to get rid of the cards by making words


English Arabic Audio Dictionary English Arabic Audio Dictionary v1.0

English Arabic Dictionary cum Thesaurus or قاموس عربي with pronunciation has containing over 150000 words with their antonyms and synonyms and their usage as adjective ,verb , adverb or as a noun .