Toys For Kids
“Toys for kids” is a set of educational and development games. The kid learns toys around? Basic...
Tap Tap Drift Racer
Enjoy your extreme race! Welcome to "Tap!Tap Drift Racer" Experience extreme racing ~~ You can play...
The House 2
A horror point and click games! Combine of The House - The House 2 in one game.
Storm the Tower
Storm the Tower is an endless runner that gives you another perspective on the runner genre. Your...
Cut the Rope
Cut the rope to feed candy to Om Nom! 600 million downloads around the world of this phenomenal...
Prepare the biggest candy feast possible! Combine triplets of candies to create a super candy. Each...
Help The Fish
Help the fish get to the water. When the fish is falling, just tap on the right or left part of the...
Cosmic Haul
Gather valuable matter and avoid hazards in your journey to the far reaches of the universe as a...
Cut the Rope Time Travel HD
Join Om Nom as he travels back in time to feed his ancestors with candy. Cut the Rope: Time Travel...


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PulseCharge M PulseCharge M v0.0.25

A 2D Platformer with an emphasis on Speed Running and Exploration!


Lock Screen Plus Lock Screen Plus v1.21M

Widget to lock the screen and advanced reboot in one tap!


Fun With Dynamite Fun With Dynamite v1.1

Tap to place dynamite sticks, then use the detonator to detonate them.


Jewel Explosion 3 Jewel Explosion 3 v1.0.0

Match the stunning jewels for exciting power-ups and bonus levels!


StrikeQuiz StrikeQuiz v1.4

StrikeQuiz is a great new fast paced multiple choice quiz game for all ages


Ribbon Puzzle Ribbon Puzzle v1.0

Relaxing, challenging and addictive puzzle game with beautiful colors and patterns.


Eortes android Eortes android v1.1.1

Ελληνικό Εορτολόγιο


BigMess BigMess v1.3

BigMess - addictive arcade/puzzle game.


Loco Bingo 90 Playspace Loco Bingo 90 Playspace v0.3.27

The classical Bingo game now in your Android device. Call prizes after prizes!


Motion Puzzle Motion Puzzle v1.2

Brings Motion into your Jigsaw Puzzles Experience


Finger Dodge Finger Dodge v2.1.2

Finger Dodge is a hyper addictive, ultra fast and brilliantly fun single touch high score arcade game.


Power Battery Power Battery v1.0.3

Power Battery, as the most professional battery saver app, could get up about 60% more battery life for Android phones or tablets.


Giant Baby Giant Baby v2

Where are you going my precious?


Drop Math Drop Math v1.5

Drop Math is a match game incorporating math drill sheets to educate and entertain.


RocketShip RocketShip v1.0

Rocket Ship Survivor is a classic Shoot 'em Up action game with a unique perspective. It offers super challenging space combat. Avoid asteroids, missiles and projectiles, destroy enemy space drones and beat your highscore!


EarthInvasion EarthInvasion v1.4

Save humanity from the alien invasion in a new concept od shoot'em up arcade game


Make It White Make It White v1.0

Make It White - Train your brain, a fun and addictive game for both adults and kids. If you like brain teaser games, you would enjoy this game.

The goal of the game is to change color of all the blocks on the board to white. When you click a block, all blocks in its row and column switch their colors (black to white and vice-versa).


Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert v1.0.0

You played the game... Now it's time to unplay it!


Laberymbus Laberymbus v1.0.3

Help to Alberto to find the exit door of Laberymbus!


RoShamBo Fighter RoShamBo Fighter v92

RoShamBo Fighters arcade 2D style fighting, but with a Rock Paper Scissors twist