Uni (Galaxy At War) 3
The galaxy has become a warzone and the solar system of Uni has become a major point of interest....
Play as 2 dots and travel through the ages of typographic styles and techniques. From the rock...
Legor 9
An award winning puzzle series Legor is back with new shapes to play with and 40 levels of...
Egypt Solitaire
The goal of this egyptian solitaire is to get rid of all the cards on the screen. To remove a card...
From Breaking news of India at the Rio Olympics 2016 to tracking careers of elite Indian athletes...
Ted the Jumper
Be careful not to get stuck with no ability to jump while some blocks are still on the field! Avoid...
Atlantis Runes
Your goal is remove all runes from the board. You need to match two tiles by connecting them with a...
Hexasmash is an action packed, highly addictive and super fun game. Swing the pendulum and release...
Yeti Sensation
OH NOOO! Bigfoot wanted! Help embarrassed Yeti to find a way to his new home, avoid sly snowmen,...


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Popper Pal Popper Pal v1.0.1

Pop em' if you got em' .


Simple Racing3 Simple Racing3 v1.0

Are you the next GREATEST pilot on Earth? Play Simple Racing 3 to disover it!
Race on over 20 unique tracks to become the best driver in the world!
Win every track on SINGLE EVENT or go for the CHAMPIONSHIP mode!


Happy Resturant Happy Resturant v1.4

Happy Restaurant is a business simulation game which runs on tactics. With your wisdom,you make it become bigger and richer,bring spectacular traffic and huge revenue.
You are the boss of the restaurant,you don't need to do everything by yourself,you just hire people and make decisions. Staff will follow your order and work together to run business everyday!


Saiko+ Saiko+ v1.9.12

Saiko+ is a fun social app for Anime, Comic, Game and Cosplay fans worldwide!


Tik Tak Tumble Tik Tak Tumble v1.34.1

An Awesome 3D Stack & Match Game with a Tic-Tac-Toe Twist!


CannonTime CannonTime v1.33

In this game you can feel the power of cannon shots!


Memnis Memnis v1.0

Don't let memes to fill the field!


Sky Strike Sky Strike v1.0

Escape from a death wave and get as high as you can!


Alien Invasion Alien Invasion v1.0

Fight against the invasion of cruel aliens and rise to the top of leaderboard!


Jet Egg Jet Egg v1.1

Help the egg escape from the evil robot hands!


Adventurous kid! Adventurous kid! v1.3

Games inspired by nature for curious, creative and adventurous kids.


Call Blocker Lite Call Blocker Lite v2.0

Call Blocker Lite is an easy-to-use call blocker which helps users to stop receiving unwanted calls.


Rhytmix Rhytmix v1.0

Try to repeat rhythms hand drums of nations around the world!


Walking Fingers Walking Fingers v1.0

Bored of walking with foots come lets walk with fingers


Three Piggies Tower Defense Three Piggies Tower Defense v1.3.2

This nontraditional tower defense game will challenge your quick, strategic thinking to the utmost. You as the youngest piggy stand up against the wolves and their evil friends, while his older brothers only hide in the house and tremble. With only a single brave piggy (and no money), one building can be built at one time. Build tactically and quickly, before the horde of wolves reach the piggies’ home.


Meteor Hunt Meteor Hunt v1.2.2

Swipe, match, fire, and destroy in this all new color-matching game!


E.Tank E.Tank v1.2

a mini challenge tank game


Touch-Ruler Touch-Ruler v1.0

Touch-Ruler is an application that allows you to measure length in a simple and accurate way. Measure length isn't limited by your device's screen size! Touch the screen and move your device to roll out a ruler for longer measurement.


Building a Team Building a Team v1.1

Team development theory and 24 team building exercises for more efficient teams.


SportsCafe SportsCafe v1.0.21 (41) Release

SportsCafe | Live Sports News

Follow all your favorite Indian sports and get LIVE updates from Rio 2016!