Doodle Jump
Journey up a sheet of graph paper, perpetually jumping from one platform to the next, picking up...
Friscus' Workshop Demo
Crafts! Parts! Malfunctioning cheap light! The life of a craftsman is never easy. Especially not...
Audiobooks Now is the premier service for downloading and streaming digital audiobooks. Users can...
Honey Run
Honey Run is a fun and exciting game that's bursting with colour and action. Guide your bees to and...
This is easy-to-play game, full-of-challenge 3D Real Racing. Move your device to right- left to...
Jack's House
Funny life situations of little Jack will teach your child in the easiest form! The game develops...
Kiti Cat
Kiti Cat gives you a brand new physics based and strongly fun gameplay in that you concentrate to...
Cleaning Fun
Brrring! It's clean up time! Let’s give Miumiu a hand with the chores. You will learn lots of...
Wild City
Be free and choose your destiny in Wild City, the city of vice where you can become a world tycoon...


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Best Guitar - Acoustic Best Guitar - Acoustic v1.0.2

Best guitar app is prepared and you must have it on your phone if you want to learn how to play guitar. Play music on your phone or tablet and enjoy in the best acoustic guitar sounds.


Fruits day mania Fruits day mania v1.2

Fruits Day Mania a classic old school arcade game for free!


PSPe+ PSPe+ v1.1.6

A PSP Emulator for your Android device, at high definition and speed!


Super Happy Singh Super Happy Singh v1.05

An action puzzle game for everyone...


Space maneuvers Space maneuvers v1.01

Steer your spaceship and try to avoid the asteroids


Copter Copter v1.2

Copter is addictive survive game. You must shot enemy blocks for fly.


babyphone babyphone v2.18

Music Phone and Game for your Baby and Toddler. Plays Nursery Rhymes, Lullabies, Songs and lots of Sound Effects that your baby will love. Tablet Support! All content is FREE!


iWolf iWolf v1.0

iWolf is action packed 2D platformer game inspired by epic phantasy (like Hobbit, Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, Chronicles of Narnia etc.), that will bring you console like experience to your phone or tablet.


Minicraft 2 Minicraft 2 v1.0.0

MiniCraft 2 - a revised game system, a simple and easy craft items, new game locations and additional narrative story of powerful gods.


Super Fruit Puzzle Super Fruit Puzzle v1.0

The amazing game Super Fruit Puzzle is now available on Android! Try it NOW for FREE!!


Gold Runner Gold Runner v1.6

Free Gold Runner game for Android.


TrackDown TrackDown v1.3

Anyone can easily enjoy puzzle games!


Panfur in Space Panfur in Space v1.0

Very Fast Game play helping Panfur the cat move through an Alien wormhole.


Dodgy Wings Dodgy Wings v1.0.0

Tap-to-fly game that gives a new meaning to fried chicken!


Don't brake the chain Don't brake the chain v1.03

Welcome to DBTC! This app will help you make a good habit or brake a bad one. Create your first chain in "New chain" tab. This app also have a widget for your main screen, check it out.


Catch It Up Catch It Up v1.0.2

Catch it up ! Alien Attack, New kind of endless game.


Bounce Bounce v1.0.1

Bounce is officially here. Battle friends for the high score in this never-ending game of grabbing power-ups, taking down enemies and climbing to the top.

Simply touch the left or right side of the screen to move your character and break the green lines to increase your score. May the person who breaks the most lines win.


Word Squares Word Squares v1.93

Word Squares combines the strategic elements of a fill-in crossword and a classic letter slide puzzle.


Crossword Scrambler Crossword Scrambler v1.12

Crossword Scrambler is a challenging crossword puzzle game. Game play is fast and furious as you unscramble full-grid crossword puzzles using vocabulary skills and color-coded puzzle block hints.


Square Impossible Square Impossible v2.4

A simple, very fun also challenging square impossible game !