Lyfoes are funny creatures who were got in a science lab. Each family live in own beaker and watch...
Break the Eggs
Break all the Eggs that fly on your screen, grab the correct letters that pop out of the shell, and...
Tap the blocks to blast combinations off the screen before the pile of blocks reaches the red panic...
MacGyver is back! In a new, thrilling puzzle game, MacGyver is tapped as the last hope when a...
Koodler is the best creative tool of doodling, painting and photo art-effect. Designed for drawers...
Kikis Fashion Picks 2
Kiki’s Fashion Picks 2 is the ultimate game for aspiring fashionistas. Would you know what clothes...
The Domingos
★★★ Excellence award winner of the Square Enix GDCI ★★★ "A physics-based puzzle game, the kind of...
Outdoor Play
Meet Kiki for the first time in 3D! He is trying out a number of outdoor activities for an upcoming...
Age of Zombies
From Halfbrick, the creators of Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash comes their newest and biggest...


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Search, download Free & Paid Android Apps for all devices. Participate in the SlideME community.


Looking for a Mobile Application Store or an alternative to Google Play to drive your business?

MyDigipack MyDigipack v1.5.4

Free Infinite Storage for your Photos & Videos!


Tag App Launcher Tag App Launcher v2.01M



Jeje Adventure Jeje Adventure v1.0.0

Jeje Adventure Is Funny Game.Against Enemy With First Gun is Tin Shot.Which Can Make The Enemy Dizzy.Collect Many Miraculous Barrels Possibility to Add Life.Play This Game. And be The Hero.

-Sound Kuburan Band


Match 7 Stars Match 7 Stars v1.31

Match 7 Stars is a simple, addictive and non-typical match 3 game


Anti Alien Anti Alien v1.0

This is a 2D shooter in which the player fires rockets against aliens.


Music Radio Music Radio v1.2

A list of the best music radios you can imagine!


Linked Jewels Linked Jewels v1.0.2

LINK the JEWELS by swiping over them with your finger.
Match at least 2 similar jewels to clear them, match more to earn bigger bonuses.
Use the power of magic stones to perform special moves and clear more jewels at the same time.

Compete against other players, build up your ranking and get all the achievements.

[This game was made as part of a challenge to build a game in a week. You can read about it in the blog at]


Tap the Box Tap the Box v1.22

A fun and relaxing physics puzzle


Daily Drink Daily Drink v1.1

Daily Drink allows you to keep track of exactly how much you drink a day.


Word Find Word Find v1.0

Word Find is a simple, fun and addictive words game for children and adults


Future Ball Future Ball v0.0.1

FUTURE BALL, the ball that answers all your questions about the future...


ClashOfJet ClashOfJet v1.5

This game is an addictive mixture of ACTION AND ADVENTURE.
Fly and survive through Asteroids.
As you progress Game play becomes more and much more faster.
It is an ENDLESS GAME. Your goal is to DODGE as many Asteroids as possible in GALAXY.
Insane negative and positive ENERGIES which can work in your favor or against you.
As you progress, game play will become more and more COMPLICATED and very CHALLENGING.
Play and see how far you can Survive.
Higher you SCORE get more FREE WEAPONS.


Prescribe Med Prescribe Med v1.0

Prescribe Med helps you search (by ingredients) National Library of Medicine (NLM) to get,share and generate report about approved 'Prescribable' Brands which are based on searched ingredients
For Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Health NGOs and Centers


4 Картинки - 1 Слово! 4 Картинки - 1 Слово! v1

Открывай картинки, угадывай слово! 20 тем, 300 слов, 1200 картинок!


NanoTouch NanoTouch v1.0

Find all the system toggles you need at one touch.


Killer Escape 3 Killer Escape 3 v1.2

Escape from more twisted serial killers in part 3 of the Killer Escape series!


Reotate Reotate v1.0.1

Taking rotation puzzle games to the next level, Reotate will entertain as well as stimulate your mind.


Pic Puzzle: Penguins Pic Puzzle: Penguins v1.0

Take your brain to the next level while enjoying amazing pictures of charming penguins with the new Penguin game from the Picture Puzzle Series.


Fruit Casino Fruit Casino v1.0.1

Action and logic games are not for you? Then try out Fruit Casino, the slot machine! No worries, just trying out your luck if you can hit the jackpot!


Acorn Rush! Acorn Rush! v1

Help Chester the Squirrel prepare for the hard times ahead!