Creative Shapes
With Creative Shapes World we encourage our little explorers to learn about basic geometric shapes...
DOGS of TURA liberty
FREE Android Game - Be a DOG. - Guide your sheeps to the corral. - Discover new worlds. - 3D...
Tank Breaker2
Enjoy single or multi play for free! Defeat all enermies with 10 types of tanks, upgrade and item...
Juddings Today
Learn English in fun and interesting way! Juddings today! Follow Juddings comical days! Easy...
Incursion Epic
DARKNESS is on the way to enslave this lands. Stop it now or never! Use strategy, manage 27 unique...
Sharp Edge
you have one sword... two characters but many enemies.... Kill all enemies in this fast and...
Avast Battery Saver
Avast Battery Saver significantly improves battery life, saving up to 20% on one charge - and it’s...
Drag Racing 2.0
The hit game that launched the legendary Creative Mobile Drag Racing series tears up the drag strip...
Cut the Rope 2
SWEET! Om Nom's shenanigans continue in Cut the Rope 2! With new characters, fresh gameplay...


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The Blacksun Challenges The Blacksun Challenges v1.0.0.0

A riddles and puzzles game that will test your knowledge and persistence.


The Blacksun Challenges The Blacksun Challenges v1.0.0.1

A riddles and puzzles game that will test your knowledge and persistence.


Punky Birds Punky Birds v1.6

These birds want to retrieve the eggs that we have saved. It helps the alligator to stop the birds.


Tenzo Tenzo v1.25

Tenzo - is a logic game with simple rules and a variety of combinations to pass.


Bestie Bestie v1.0.2

Bestie provides you with the most impressive selfie experience. Just tap with your fingers to start the journey of beauty and enjoy best selfie every time!


Neon Missile 3D Neon Missile 3D v1.1

Experience the speed in this colorful 3D game. Fly the NEON missile now. Ready for GoogleCardboard VR!


My english alphabet. Kids playground My english alphabet. Kids playground v1.0.2

Learning Letters is fun and easy with My English Alphabet. Kids Playground


Broken Cloud Broken Cloud v1.3

Destroy all the clouds colliding balls inside. The trick is to give in the first cloud in its center. You will get it?


Tap Island Tap Island v1.0.0

Tap Island used to be a quiet and nice island but suddenly some weird and crazy enemies stormed this awesome place.


EquationPro EquationPro v1.0

EquationPro is an android application for creating/running different scientific and business formulas. With EquationPro all aspect of an equation can be customized. Creating a new equation by EquationPro is easy and for the most purposes only involves two screen clicks and a few edits. Running an equation is almost immediately possible after equation creation. On the other hand complex equations can be created and run by EquationPro and customized intensively.


Secret Code Cracker Secret Code Cracker v1.0.0

Object of the game is to determine the secret code.


Funny Ball Funny Ball v1.0

It is fun, enjoyable game for everyone! Download it will not be difficult, because it is FREE! Plunge into the atmosphere Funny Ball now!


Home budget Home budget v1.3

Home Budget - Where my money?!!


Project Time Tracker Project Time Tracker v1.2.0

• track working times, live
• analyze spent times as charts
• export your data
• manage earnings and breaks
• no cloud services used, your data remains on your device


Molecules Molecules v1.1

A new kind of game match 3!
Really interesting.


Craftsman match3 Craftsman match3 v1.17

Classic 3-match game with additional elements.


Cquence Cquence v1.1

Can you find the path to reach the numbers?


ShapeWar ShapeWar v1.0.3

A bug war like game with removed unbalanced and unnecessary features


ViOlympic Math ViOlympic Math v1.3

Math for kid 1 2 3


Kosmo Kosmo v3.2.0

Playing on the type Runner, where you have to fly on the spacecraft and thus evade asteroids. The game has different levels of difficulty, where you put your personal records for survival.