Guess what shape can you make of these dots. The best way to spend time is to train your brain and...
Rhythm Conflict
Create units to the rhythm of music in order to defend yourself from enemy waves and attack their...
Doodle Jump
Journey up a sheet of graph paper, perpetually jumping from one platform to the next, picking up...
Friscus' Workshop Demo
Crafts! Parts! Malfunctioning cheap light! The life of a craftsman is never easy. Especially not...
Audiobooks Now is the premier service for downloading and streaming digital audiobooks. Users can...
Honey Run
Honey Run is a fun and exciting game that's bursting with colour and action. Guide your bees to and...
This is easy-to-play game, full-of-challenge 3D Real Racing. Move your device to right- left to...
Jack's House
Funny life situations of little Jack will teach your child in the easiest form! The game develops...
Wild City
Be free and choose your destiny in Wild City, the city of vice where you can become a world tycoon...


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Zombie Fall 2 Zombie Fall 2 v1.0.2

Welcome to ZF2: Zombie Fall 2!
Collect the candy and avoid the obstacles!


Find Girl in the city Find Girl in the city v1.25

Where is a girl? Try to find a girl in the city!


Chess Chess v1.0

MetalChess is a game of chess with a very simple interface without frills, but with a strong game engine Greco 12.5.


Sense Of Color Sense Of Color v1.0.1

Are you fast enough to select a good color?


Math Mines Math Mines v1.0

It contains 12 different type of mathematical questions/operations and along with them a big amount of different time tables. The AI system of the app will generate different questions for you.


9 (NINES) Card Game 9 (NINES) Card Game v2.03

Very Popular a Simple and Interesting Card Game!



Town Of Prince Town Of Prince v1.0

The brave prince is back from his trip to save the town from the enemy attack. Help the prince to save the town by completing all the different tasks.


Dad's Little Helper Dad's Little Helper v1.0

Kids love playing with their dad and also helping them out in various activities which would help the kids learn lot many things and also have fun with dad.


Bongo Bongo v1.3

The Bongo comics collection has over 250 comic strips available with weekly updates.


Zombie Baseball Zombie Baseball v1.0.0

Welcome to Zombie Baseball!
How many zombies can you smash, until you surrender?


World Of Colors World Of Colors v1.1

World Of Colors - Learn how to draw objects with helping steps.


Duck Hunting Duck Hunting v1.0.7

Classic Duck Hunt in the new format.


Longer shoot Longer shoot v1.21

Shoot longer and get best score!


Destroy Chemical Weapon Destroy Chemical Weapon v1.0

Destroy chemical weapon and save the world. You have the responsibility to defend the world against chemical weapons. Perfectly target the chemical missile and hit them to destroy before it launch. Be careful for public life, plane and cars. Game play is simple but challenging and addictive. Let's play it to save the world and enjoy.


Counting Number Counting Number v1.0

Kids Math Count Numbers Game is one of the exciting educational games for kids that facilitate better understanding of the mathematical numbers. The app explains number system in an innovative manner to captivate kids mind for longer durations. This game offer engaging activities like learn numbers, learn counting, sequence numbers, missing number, connect the dots, greater-smaller and learn number names that would help kids fall in love with numbers.


Gold Price Cafe Gold Price Cafe v1.2.4

*** More beautiful and more customizable than any other Gold App available on the Google Play store ***

* 47 Currencies * Live Chart Updates * Beautiful Gold Charts *


21 21 v1.2

21 is an addictive puzzle game, just add up and achieve the goal.


Sea Monkey Madness Sea Monkey Madness v4.0

Sea Monkey Madness!


LoL Ready Up! LoL Ready Up! v0.2.0

Carry every match with LoL Ready Up! The ultimate League of Legends App.


Marble Jewel Shooter Marble Jewel Shooter v1.0

Shooting gorgeous Marble Jewels, the match-3 style game! Easy to play, hard to stop.