Clean Master
Clean Master is the #1 Android optimizer and junk file cleaner designed to increase the speed of...
Cute & Lovely Pet Breeding Game! It's Free! Nothing can make us happier than witnessing our...
Tap the Box
Tap the Box is a simple and fun physics puzzler. The objective is easy: Get the jewel on top of the...
Linked Jewels
LINK the JEWELS by swiping over them with your finger. Match at least 2 similar jewels to clear...
Monster Busters
Do you think that all the monsters are very scary? I do not think so. There are adorable monsters...
Acorn Rush!
Help Chester the Squirrel prepare for the hard times ahead! Our little woodland friend is quickly...
Hey there! Heard you are looking for a platform game that actually plays great on your touchscreen...
RC Land FPV Race
RC Land Quadcopter FPV Race - simulation game lovers of extreme fly on a radio-controlled...
To all of you CrossWords lovers and other word-game afficionados. 1Word is the best companion to...


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Bubble Monster Bubble Monster v1.0

You are bored and want to kill some time? You are looking for a new pastime game with lively sound and appealing images? Bubble Monsters is a simple and easy to play puzzle game, needing the elements such as quickness, fast eyes and a bit of calculation of players. With nice and cute interface, Bubble Monsters gives you a new and exciting experience on Android.


Baby Brain Baby Brain v1.0

Do you think you have a powerful brain? Improve your memory faster and easily.


RollingSheep RollingSheep v1.1.3

Be the first one get your sheep a witch hat before Halloween.
Push cute sheep in the air by tapping your finger to help it eating fruits.


Profiteer Profiteer v1.2.4

Intergalactic space trading in a galaxy of surprises has never been so much fun!


Profiteer Lite Profiteer Lite v1.2.4

Intergalactic space trading in a galaxy of surprises has never been so much fun!


FollowTheWhitePath FollowTheWhitePath v1.0.8

Use your finger to move a red dot. Try to keep it on the white path.


Jigsaw Collection Jigsaw Collection v0.0.4

Play 100++ Free Jigsaw Puzzle with amazing animal, air fighter and car pictures.


++BOX ++BOX v1.0

++BOX is a social network that is a fun place to be. You can connect with friends and the world, share music, videos and share with the world what's on your mind.

If you not have done it already, please go to and sign up and start sharing today. You might also want to look at Firefox Gluon which was specifically designed to enhance the user experience at ++BOX.

Hope to see you soon on ++BOX


Dangerous Dane Dangerous Dane v1.1.2

Behold Dangerous Dane! The awesome guy challenge skyscraper without safety gear


Hungry Mupphy Hungry Mupphy v1.1.0

Mupphy is trapped and hungry! Feed him by blasting bubbles with the right meat!


Bomb Drop Bomb Drop v1.04

Do you ever wanted the smallest but most entertaining game? Now get more of exhilarating dragging,dropping,catching and dodging with all new Bomb Drop
Meet Mr. Bucket,he likes to surf on the yellow track collecting new balls but some bombs are mixed with the balls,help Mr. Bucket to drop the bombs and score more to unlock all achievements.


SmsPoll SmsPoll v1.0

Very often it is necessary in family groups or friends or classmates or even more formal gatherings such as administration and surveys held to decide ..
This application allows you held the polls to be completely elegant graphics using SMS to do.


ClickForSpeed ClickForSpeed v1.0

Crazy button, try to knock out all that you can.

Free v1 - learn new vocab
Learn a language while you browse the web.
Study French, English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew and more, as you read articles on your mobile device and tap on words you don’t know.’s smart dictionary gives you translations for vocabulary you would like to learn. The app creates personalized games and flashcards to help you remember your new vocab. A fun, free and seamless way to learn a language.


Speedy Car Race Speedy Car Race v1.3

Android game highway traffic car race.


Live TransLink Vancouver Live TransLink Vancouver v1.3.5

Live Translink Vancouver

When you travel in Vancouver area, public transit is part of your life. This app will help you watch the buses' positions in a live manner.

1. Real-time position for the bus you select;
2. Real-time distance to bus;
3. Map schemes choice;
4. On/Off screen gadgets;


Sheeppy Sheeppy v1.0

Lead a sheep to the wolfs den, to taste the revenge on wolves.


Attack the Swamp Attack the Swamp v1.2

Defend your shack by shooting up the swamp


Bells Jump Bells Jump v1.6

Jump up! Jump up! Magic bells and strange snowing weather are waiting in the sky.


Virtual Mark Virtual Mark v1.0

Why to use this app?
Some times we put our things at a place and when we need them after some days, than we have forgot where we have putted them. Than we have to waste our valuable time to find that thing. The main aim of this app is to remember your things and the place where you putted them.\n