Fruit dating
FRUIT DATING is an original puzzle game in which you match pairs of fruit of the same color simply...
Championship Street Racing 3D
Feel the heat of illegal races! Burn the streets of three world-famous metropolises in a series of...
Guess the Painting
Guess the Painting is a drawing and guessing game designed for family entertainment. It offers a...
Bloom Run
Bloom Run is a free infinite runner, but with a twist. You need to kill vivid enemies by matching...
We are presenting to you the brain building tool, the boredom killer, the time accelerator machine...
The Infinite Black
The Infinite Black is a free, wildly popular Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) space combat and...
Help Octagon -the flying squirrel- escape! Rotate your device to move the squirrel inside a 360º...
Love Crush
Switch and match your way through 50 levels in this lovable and addictive puzzle adventure. Isn't...
Age of Zombies
From Halfbrick, the creators of Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash comes their newest and biggest...


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The Leg That Came From Nowhere - Free The Leg That Came From Nowhere - Free v1.1

Kick, smash and stomp your way to your new high score!


Urbex Urbex vFix crash

Explore a derelict factory and discover what is lurking inside!


Zombie Bobble Heads Zombie Bobble Heads v1

Balance the Zombie heads! Careful or they will heads will fall right off in a shower of green blood!


Maniac Monsters Maniac Monsters v1.0.0

Discover the magic world of Maniac Monster, an addicting match 3 puzzle game for free.
Reach your perfect match with 2 amazing modes to play the game. Classic & Action!


Catch the tiger Catch the tiger v2.0

Try to catch the tiger by surrounding him with black squares.


Genetic Ref Genetic Ref v1.0

Genetic Ref: For Biology, Genetics students, researcher and Genetics enthusiast.

Search and reference Genetic Terms in seconds.

  • OFFLINE Genetic term search
    Intelli-search - Searches as you type
  • Share - Long Press on results to share via any text or social
  • Details and Copy - Tap on results to see details in message box and copy to clipboard
  • Free

    Touch Me Not Touch Me Not v1.2

    Do you dare to take challenge? Come to the beautiful board and start earning stars. Challenge you friends and don’t let them win.


    Ram Booster Ram Booster v1.0

    Tired of device running too slow, here is the solution to optimize your phone


    The Raamnus Tower The Raamnus Tower v0.6

    A Tower Defense / Strategy game. Alpha Version 0.2


    Emoji Keyboard Black Emoji Keyboard Black v1.0

    Emoji Keyboard Free

    - Download theme base keyboard. Its standalone application. So you do not need to install any other apps.
    - Application supports emoji font. So you can send emoji to any devices and any smartphones.
    - Using Emoji keyboard you can send emoji to android, iphone and on websites also.
    - So If you love to do chatting with friends then you can use this keyboard in any messengers.


    League Commissioner League Commissioner v1.06

    This fantasy premier league game lets you draft your own EPL fantasy football league with your own rules, scoring and even the players’ value.


    Pick Your Fruits Pick Your Fruits v1.0.0

    Unique slot machine. Not spin, but flashing fruits running.


    Scrolling Text Display Scrolling Text Display v1.0

    Scroll a message across the screen in big letters. Can customise the size, speed, colour of text, background colour and text decorations.


    TOEIC Training Tool TOEIC Training Tool v1.0.2d

    Maximize your TOEIC score. Work on exercises specially designed to help you eliminate common errors and improve your English grammar quickly and efficiently.


    Clumsy Bear Run 2 Clumsy Bear Run 2 v1.0.0

    Clumsy Bear again fell into the dark dungeons. Huge sharp spikes grow there at every step. Has become even more dangerous.


    Funny Puzzle Funny Puzzle v1.000

    Puzzle game of landscapes and animals.

    The game is a puzzle where you have to drag the pieces to recreate the image.

    Hold clues in order to achieve the goal.

    There are three levels: easy, medium and hard.


    A+ VCE A+ VCE v3.10.1

    The Android VCE Exam Files player.


    PolyPop PolyPop v1.01

    Fight against yourself in this challenging game in which you are your own enemy!

    In PolyPop you have to blow up a specific geometric shapes without mistakes, nor missing any. Succeed or fail depends on it.

    How many points can you get? Only the best players achieve the trophy! Are you one of them?

    PolyPop is a fun challenge and colorful casual game. It includes music, sound and visual effects that capture you at any time and situation.

    HD and 3D game, adapted to all kinds of devices.


    Media Editor Media Editor v1.0

    Customize media information and create Social Networking Site compatible photos.


    Dots in a Row Dots in a Row v1.0.6

    You have to get four lines or columns with same color.