Chromatic Seals
Slice the colored ice blocks so you touch the corresponding colored seals. Great arctic puzzle game...
Crack the Dot Puzzle and enjoy our minimalist style game We wish you a most pleasant time You can...
The cute Baboos need your help! Can you complete as many rainbow lines as possible?! Baboo! is a...
Attracted by treats and sweets, the CandyMeleon can devour an unbelievable amount of candies and...
Word for Word
Word for Word is a casual word grid game. All you have to do is find all the words you can within...
Junimong - kids drawing
☆ Playground where children all over the world communicate via drawing & doodling. ☆ ☆ Show...
Mochu Adventures
**Immerse your little explorer in Mochu the penguin’s underwater world of fun! Dive into the deep...
Fun Arcade
Fun Arcade consists of 30 games that are sure to keep you busy for hours on end. No downloading or...
Hungry Tiny Fellows
Tiny Fellows, they are hungry! Quickly feed them whilst having fun and collecting all the golden...


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Medieval Adventures Medieval Adventures v2.0.0

A 2D platformer that takes place in the Middle Ages. Our hero is looking for the dragon that killed his family to take revenge. A challenging game, with a lot of twists and an endless survival mode!


Defend The Earth Defend The Earth v1.0.3

This game's goal is to defend the earth from asteroid.


Space Survival Space Survival v1.0

Space survival is an arcade game where you must survive of meteor rains and hordes of enemy spaceships, the game will be put harder as time goes.


Sky Runner Sky Runner v1.1

Run through avoiding obstacle and jumping over broken path of tunnel


Jack Courier - Mission Mexico City Jack Courier - Mission Mexico City v1.2.1

Chase down the notorious criminal “El Chacal” throughout Mexico City.


FairyLand FairyLand v2.3

Fairy Land - one of the last models of 5-drum-type 9-linear videoslot.


CrazyMonkey CrazyMonkey v2.3

Crazy Monkey - one of the last models of 5-drum-type 9-linear videoslot.


DobukiEpic DobukiEpic v1.03

Dobuki is the star of this wacky RPG adventure in space.


Clap to Find Phone Clap to Find Phone v1.0.0

Best utility to find your phone when you lose phone at home or office. It will react on your 3 instant claps.


Just Lucky Just Lucky v1.0.8

How many happy faces can you guess?


Top Jump - KRRR! Top Jump - KRRR! v1.0.1

Take your Skrofy and jump from bar to bar. It's just a matter of timing. But beware, the SkrofyCruncher is on lunch break! KRRR!



GRIME stands for GRid IMage Evolution.
It is a puzzle game in which images arranged in a grid must be matched in pairs in order to advance.


WiggleMed WiggleMed v0.1.5

WiggleMed is a health social network that helps people socially curate health related information to keep each other better informed and engaged. WiggleMed is your Pinterest for Health!


Puzzle139game Puzzle139game v1.2

do you know how to add!
Here's 139 for you!


Ludo with Friends Ludo with Friends v1.2

Ludo with Friends is the perfect family Multiplayer Board Game. Classic rules!


LIP LIP v1.6.0

LIP Bygningsartikler A/S - Calculate how much Tile mortar You have to use when fixing Tiles, Jointing Tiles or when You have use Floor Compound or Wall Plaster...


Crossing road Crossing road v1.0.1

Pedestrians in a hurry to the other world. Well, we'll help them, if they insist


Money Manager Money Manager v2.0.1

Get control of your economic situation with Money Manager


Meow Meow Runner Meow Meow Runner v1.0

Infinite platform runner game.


UlpeKidsLiteEs UlpeKidsLiteEs v1.0

Ulpe Kids, es una aplicación educativa, orientada en el aprendizaje natural de las cosas y principalmente, del lenguaje.

Los niños, como todos, iniciamos nuestro aprendizaje al ver las cosas y escuchar como las llaman a nuestro alrededor. Así es como cada niño aprende el idioma que hablan los adultos a su alrededor, así sea un solo idioma o varios.