The year is 2050 and the world's population is reaching crisis level and you have been tasked with...
Based on the famous abacus game, Goumy Sort teaches the youngest how to sort shapes and colors, in...
Learning numbers for kids
Educational game for children, which allows to teach the child to consider in an easy and...
In a remote village by a valley, there is a tale handed down to this day. In this now desolate...
Forest Friends
"Meet our five animal friends and discover their beautiful forest habitat. They are cute and they...
Tree Jump
Deep inside an ancient forest, between bamboo trees, lives a small, furry creature with an endless...
Crashtest Hero
CRASHTEST HERO - MOTOCROSS BIKE RACING Crashtest Hero for Android, is an Adventure motocross game...
Type App
Type App (formerly Blue Mail) is a free, beautifully designed, universal email client, capable of...
Good night, my baby
"Goodnight Monsterville is an interactive sleep book that let your children develop a good sleeping...


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3D Maze 2 3D Maze 2 v1.3

Collect gems, avoid ghosts and check how fast you can reach the end!


Car Factory Car Factory v1.0

Teach your fingers to react to this intense and challenging game! Download now!


Jumpy Tank Jumpy Tank v1.0.0.8

Jump, shoot and stay alive !'


Email Pictures Email Pictures v1.5

You just made a picture or short video and you want to instantly email it to the list of your friends - how hard is that? Well ... it is just a-click-away with this app! One click - one second - and it's over!


Email Pictures (Free) Email Pictures (Free) v1.6

You just made a picture and you want to instantly email it to the list of your friends - how hard is that? Well ... it is just a-click-away with this app! One click - one second - and it's over!


Crib - Defender Crib - Defender v1.0

Help the Baby defend it's Crib from the invading Bear-Army and see to which wave you will survive!


Kabooomm Kabooomm v1.0

An awesome 2D runner game


MonVMon MonVMon v2.1

Monster VS Monster Growth defense game.
Collect monsters and monsters grow to Build the best team!
Anyone can comfortably and easily access simple.


nuts in the woods nuts in the woods v1.0.2

Help the squirrel to collect all the nuts scattered in the woods.


Jobis Bistro Jobis Bistro v2.6

Please come and experience busy Bistro’s daily life with our cute Jobi friends!


BikeFitCalculator BikeFitCalculator v1.0.1

BikeFitCalculator is an application to help you fit bike basing on body measures you provide.


Jobis Fire Station Jobis Fire Station v2.1

With cool Jobi fire fighters, you can experience many events that are happening in the Jobi town!


Beware Of The Blue Beware Of The Blue v1.0

Avoid everything blue and survive the journey...


FindMyDevice FindMyDevice v1.0

Find your lost Phone via SMS


Bubli Bubli v1.2

Experience cute and exciting casual puzzle bringing together slingshot physics and bubble shooter.


Stop N Fit Stop N Fit v1.0

Stop N Fit is challenge to touch and fit the object with timing & accuracy.


Jobis Animal Barn Jobis Animal Barn v2.1

Hold on to your children’s hand and let’s go to an adventure of Jobi’s animal barn!


Happy Pet Math Happy Pet Math v1.0

Challenge yourself! Add up the objects in the question and figure out which two numbers give the correct answer in 15 seconds! The more questions you complete, the harder it becomes!


Precision Precision v1.1

The ultimate multi-tap reaction game!


BetWiz BetWiz v1.0.44

Football predictions for leagues from around the world