Walking Dead
*** FREE CHARACTER OFFER – download the game now and follow the instructions in the tutorial to...
Saving Private Sheep
General call-up (speech given by General Sheepard through the microphone of the B.B.Sheep) The war...
Danger Orbit
When opportunity explodes on your doorstep, embark on a quest to safeguard space routes around the...
Equinox - it may seem that it is usually difficult platformer, but if you play it a little longer,...
Orkle - Rotate & Jump
Gameplay Activate as many Orkle-Zones as possible by jumping from Orkle to Orkle. If you hang onto...
The Game of the Goose
Now it is seen as a classic race game, you throw the dice and move gradually into the end of the...
Evo Explores
• In Evo Explores you should trust your eyes. If something looks real - it is real! If you don't...
Have you ever realized how words are important? And how they can drive our emotions? Enjoy the...
Felipe Femur and Friends
Unearth amusing new friends, activities, and games in the Felipe Femur & Friends app. Learn...


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Three Piggies Tower Defense Three Piggies Tower Defense v1.3.2

This nontraditional tower defense game will challenge your quick, strategic thinking to the utmost. You as the youngest piggy stand up against the wolves and their evil friends, while his older brothers only hide in the house and tremble. With only a single brave piggy (and no money), one building can be built at one time. Build tactically and quickly, before the horde of wolves reach the piggies’ home.


Meteor Hunt Meteor Hunt v1.2.1

Swipe, match, fire, and destroy in this all new color-matching game!


SymTap SymTap v1.4.4

Get ready to TAP with this Emoji centric game for a fun break.


E.Tank E.Tank v1.2

a mini challenge tank game


Touch-Ruler Touch-Ruler v1.0

Touch-Ruler is an application that allows you to measure length in a simple and accurate way. Measure length isn't limited by your device's screen size! Touch the screen and move your device to roll out a ruler for longer measurement.


Building a Team Building a Team v1.1

Team development theory and 24 team building exercises for more efficient teams.


SportsCafe SportsCafe v1.0.11 (31) Release

SportsCafe | Live Sports News

We are a one stop shop for your daily hunt for all Indian sports headlines!


EzziTV EzziTV v0.4.4

Ezzi TV is a new WiFi universal remote control for your Smart Home Theatre. Say WOW! As it will completely boost your TV watching experience! The app doesn't require your Android to have Infrared support. It works via WiFi and supports many popular Smart TVs (Sony, LG, Samsung TVs made before 2014), Apple TV 2, 3, 4 gen, DVRs and media players (TiVo, Dune). You can control devices one-by-one or set them work together in "Actions". Run your desired watching mode in one tap!


Smartcoins Wallet Smartcoins Wallet v1.0.1

Use Smartcoins like bitBTC, bitUSD, bitEUR... 44 languages, Loyalty Points, QR Codes...


Clinician's Pocket Drug Reference Clinician's Pocket Drug Reference v5.1.061

McGraw-Hill Clinician’s Pocket Drug Reference 2016 - Exactly what you need to know about 1400 of the most commonly used medications.


Ultimate Reversi Ultimate Reversi v1.0

Ultimate Reversi is a free implementation of classical Reversi game for Android. Ultimate Reversi is a very challenging board game available for all ages.


Galaxy Fighter Z - Free Galaxy Fighter Z - Free v1.0.2

Sci-Fi shooter game, have a lot of fun and bring back a lot of memories.


BuoyaBall BuoyaBall v1.2

Alter the buoyancy of a ball to overcome increasingly difficult obstacles.


Smoke ball Smoke ball v1.0.1

Control your ricochet smoke ball to destroy all objects on scene. It's not easy


W-Tracker W-Tracker v1.1

With this app you can track your weight, calculate your BMI and receive notification about weighing


Learn Body Parts! Learn Body Parts! v1.3

Friendly educational game for learning body parts by names and pictures


Space Ball Space Ball v1.0

This is brilliant game that put you into the beautiful scenery of open space.


Scream2Jump Scream2Jump v1.0.124

Scream as loud as you can to make Steve, a friendy fireball, jump up in the air and avoid the baddies


Health Health v1.0

This game will help you expand your knowledge on health, esp. in Myanmar!


Daily Healthy Foods Daily Healthy Foods v3.0

Recommended recipe for a delicious and healthy foods