Chromatic Seals
Slice the colored ice blocks so you touch the corresponding colored seals. Great arctic puzzle game...
Crack the Dot Puzzle and enjoy our minimalist style game We wish you a most pleasant time You can...
The cute Baboos need your help! Can you complete as many rainbow lines as possible?! Baboo! is a...
Attracted by treats and sweets, the CandyMeleon can devour an unbelievable amount of candies and...
Word for Word
Word for Word is a casual word grid game. All you have to do is find all the words you can within...
Junimong - kids drawing
☆ Playground where children all over the world communicate via drawing & doodling. ☆ ☆ Show...
Mochu Adventures
**Immerse your little explorer in Mochu the penguin’s underwater world of fun! Dive into the deep...
Fun Arcade
Fun Arcade consists of 30 games that are sure to keep you busy for hours on end. No downloading or...
Hungry Tiny Fellows
Tiny Fellows, they are hungry! Quickly feed them whilst having fun and collecting all the golden...


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PipeWorks PipeWorks v1.4

PipeWorks is a free pipe-twisting puzzle game with HD graphics.


Xylophone Xylophone v1.0

Real Xylophone for Kids is a free virtual Xylophone application letting you to play Xylophone music on smartphones and tablets.


Buccaneers Quest Buccaneers Quest v2.0

Help the buccaneer finding the right path to the treasure!


Shaky Castles Shaky Castles v1.1.3

Rescue the princess in this physics based puzzle game from countless castles!


PassThrough PassThrough v0.2.6

Simple tap game. Be patient, wait for time to pass the obstacle !


Bouncing Bubble Bouncing Bubble v1.1

Jump from wall to wall


RocketBlast RocketBlast v1.0

Reach the finish line without destroying the ship. Better, Collect, Fly higher!


Anagrams Anagrams v1

Anagrams is a new and original word search game in which your task is to create as many anagrams (new words) as you can from the provided letters. The game contains 2 game modes - Challenge and Practice, 3 difficulties, and hundreds of words! The game is 100% full version and does not contains any in-app purchases!


Math for Kids Math for Kids v2.0.0

Math for kids is a great game where you can test your intelligence.
This is a logic game where some knowledge about mathematics and algebra are required.
This game was created for children of all ages but it is interesting and fun for everyone.

Have fun!


BJtH BJtH v1.1.0

You play as Jake, a simple guy who accidently got into trouble. What will happen to him, how he will behave, will he get home or not, all that depends on you.


Kids' Jigsaw Puzzles Kids' Jigsaw Puzzles v1.0.6Sl

Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzles - free puzzle game for kids starting 3 years old. Jigsaw Puzzles for kids is wonderful game for girls and for boys, toddlers of any age, preschool, kindergarten and older children. We have created best jigsaw puzzle like game for kids as much realistic as it can be. If you’re looking for toddler matching games, here they are. Kids’ jigsaw puzzle game can be interesting, entertaining and can educate your children in creative way.


DanceMachine-BeatTheMusic DanceMachine-BeatTheMusic v2.1

Arcade music game with rhythm on hip hop disco rap party dubstep break dance.


Hungry Viking Hungry Viking v1.0.0

Viking is hungry .He is trying to reach food by flying with dynamite stick .


Jelly Chain Jelly Chain v1.0.1

Help mother Jelly to take care of all her children !


Arrow Challenge Arrow Challenge v1.0.0

In this game yours goal is to shoot as many fruits as possible within time limit !
Show yours archer skill and beat yours best score.
Move yours finger to target arrow and release finger to shoot .


Bouncing Rectanlge Bouncing Rectanlge v1.2

Bounce the rectangle as far as possible and unlock new characters as you proceed!


Medieval Adventures Medieval Adventures v2.0.0

A 2D platformer that takes place in the Middle Ages. Our hero is looking for the dragon that killed his family to take revenge. A challenging game, with a lot of twists and an endless survival mode!


Defend The Earth Defend The Earth v1.0.3

This game's goal is to defend the earth from asteroid.


Space Survival Space Survival v1.0

Space survival is an arcade game where you must survive of meteor rains and hordes of enemy spaceships, the game will be put harder as time goes.


Sky Runner Sky Runner v1.1

Run through avoiding obstacle and jumping over broken path of tunnel