Uni (Galaxy At War) 3
The galaxy has become a warzone and the solar system of Uni has become a major point of interest....
Play as 2 dots and travel through the ages of typographic styles and techniques. From the rock...
Legor 9
An award winning puzzle series Legor is back with new shapes to play with and 40 levels of...
Egypt Solitaire
The goal of this egyptian solitaire is to get rid of all the cards on the screen. To remove a card...
From Breaking news of India at the Rio Olympics 2016 to tracking careers of elite Indian athletes...
Ted the Jumper
Be careful not to get stuck with no ability to jump while some blocks are still on the field! Avoid...
Atlantis Runes
Your goal is remove all runes from the board. You need to match two tiles by connecting them with a...
Hexasmash is an action packed, highly addictive and super fun game. Swing the pendulum and release...
Yeti Sensation
OH NOOO! Bigfoot wanted! Help embarrassed Yeti to find a way to his new home, avoid sly snowmen,...


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Magic LifePoints Magic LifePoints v1.3

Counter for Magic the gathering life points, list of all expansions symbols.


Bunny City5 Bunny City5 v1.0

Bunny City!!! is a simple and Enjoyable game, all can this game play in android Phones


DVNote DVNote v1.0

DVNote is an expanded as a mini book editor notes and tasks , which also allows editing of quick notes, add dates and reminders for all kinds of activities easier and intuitive ,fully functional offline.


Aliens eat cats Aliens eat cats v1.04

Slide puzzle game with interesting twist and outstandingly interesting gameplay!


KNAP! KNAP! v0.8.89

KNAP! is puzzle game based on physics fun with a lot of varied mechanics.Every level is suprising riddle where You have to test Your inteligence and dextirity to solve it!


Labyrinth Puzzle Lite 2 Labyrinth Puzzle Lite 2 v1.1

New version of our Labyrinth game is at your smart phone and tablet now! Use the accelerometer of your device to control the ball. Try the new Marathon mode and beat your time.
Also Darkness mode was added.


Cones and Ball Cones and Ball v1.0.2

A new addictive ball game that will test your alertness!


Rate My Pet Rate My Pet v1.0

Let people rate your pet.
View and rate others' pets.


Animals Animals v1.0.1

Developing apps for kids . Simulates animal voices.


soccerbubble soccerbubble v1.4

SOCCER BUBBLE allows you to train your brain ensuring you hours of fun. Experience the excitement that gives soccer sport with this game inspired by the retro arcade game puzzle bobble, within the football stadium atmosphere. Pop all balls and clean the field. This game will be your mania!


Om Nom Toons Om Nom Toons v1.0.1

Everyone's favorite sweet tooth is back in the ultimate Om Nom Toons app!


Call Break Call Break v1.7

Call Break is a strategic trick-based card game similar to Spades. It's very popular in Nepal and India.


Squiky Jump Squiky Jump v1.0.0.3

Help the Squiky alien


Avoid Avoid v1.0

Bullet hell done right! Fly your ship through asteroids, there's always a way!


আমাদের ঝিনাইগাতী আমাদের ঝিনাইগাতী v1.3

অ্যাপটি ঝিনাইগাতীর মৌলিক তথ্যসমূহ, ইমারজেন্সি ফোন নাম্বার (পুলিশ, র‍্যাব, ফায়ার সার্ভিস, হাসপাতাল ইত্যাদি),এক নজরে ইউনিয়ন সমূহ,
উপজেলার গুরুত্বপূর্ণ ব্যাক্তির প্রোফাইল, দর্শনীয় স্থান, হোটেল ও আবাসন ইত্যাদির সমন্বয়ে সাজানো হয়েছে
This is the app of Jhenaigati, an upazilla of Sherpur District


Journey to jupiter Journey to jupiter v1.0

steer your shuttle to Jupiter as dodge and rip apart the meteors and comets.


Chemistry Go Chemistry Go v1.0

Get max score by making chemical formula. Chemistry Go is a puzzle game where your brain power will be tested. In this game, you can get experience with basic chemical formula. Elements can moved to a particular place if have any path from current position to target. You can get score by making a right chemical formula (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) and then remove these elements. Let see how far you go in this puzzler game, try it now.


Marble Man Platformer Marble Man Platformer v2

He has lost his marbles and needs your help to get them back


Slippy spaceship Slippy spaceship v1.01

Destroy all the enemies that haunt you and meet with the main boss.


MOKI - Ứng dụng mua bán trên di động cho mẹ và bé MOKI - Ứng dụng mua bán trên di động cho mẹ và bé v2.2

MOKI = MOther + KIds

MOKI là ứng dụng mua bán trên di động cho mẹ và bé, đem lại cho người bán và người mua những trải nghiệm mới: TIN CẬY, TIỆN LỢI, và KHÁC BIỆT. MOKI giúp kết nối các bà mẹ bỉm sữa thông thái.